My MyTouch3G Slide Doesn't Turn On.!! And it's not water damaged. Help!!

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  1. EDUDE!

    EDUDE! New Member

    Okay, so my phone started acting weird, like literally out of the no where. I tried calling T-Mobile and HTC as well, but they don't want to send me a replacement. They say that my warranty doesn't cover. So I was told by a T-Mobile representative that supposedly my phone has been water damaged. So I took it to some phone repair shop and the guy told me that my phone is NOT water damaged. He said it's the LCD, he's charging me 100 bucks to fix it for me. Is that a reasonable price? Another thing is that I'm not sure if I should believe him, cause I of course don't know him or his work and he might of just said that to me to get money.
    The things that happened to my phone has are: I woke up, disconnected my phone from the charger. I right away noticed my phone was acting weird. I'd slide out the keyboard and the phone would freeze and then start blinking and WAMM:eek::eek::confused: the screen went off. ! I figured out that when I'd slide it back in, I'd be able to text and basically use the phone. But once again I slid the keyboard out and again the screen acted up. I then tried it again a while later, and my screen completely went off. . I took off the battery, SIM Card, etc. and put the batter back in. I turned the phone back on, it'd do that vibrate effect that lets you know when the phone is turning on(It always happen either the vibration or a ring sound). Well the phone vibrated, but the screen was completely black. I cant see s**t when anymore. Can you guys please help me out. What should I do:confused:, and what is wrong with my phone.


  2. skat245

    skat245 New Member

    I currently have the same problem, What did you do?


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