My new droid x camera is not working....Support

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  1. Xbound

    Xbound Active Member

    Hello all.

    I was really excited to be one of the 25 lucky ones to get a droid x today, but my camera doesn't seem to be working.

    At first it worked fine, just seemed a bit laggy, then allof a sudden the phone would restart wheni would open the camera app. Now the camera app just shows a blackscreen. I have reset the phone and restarted several times with no change.

    Any help or suggestions?

  2. 2009m6

    2009m6 Well-Known Member

    Hey man, welcome .:) have you done a factory reset?
  3. D13

    D13 Well-Known Member

    Try going into
    And then find camera and do a force stop
  4. genxgeek

    genxgeek Well-Known Member

    Did you try pulling the battery after you shut it down? Not sure that it will help but it's worth a try.
  5. 2009m6

    2009m6 Well-Known Member

    if you have restarted it and have not done a factory reset, please try menu>privacy>factory data reset
  6. Xbound

    Xbound Active Member

    Hello again all thanks for the quick responses. I have done a hard reset, and the camera had the same function, just as it did yesterday. The camera would take a few laggy pictures, then the phone restarted on it's own, and now the same thing, black screen.

    The camera functions are all there, flash, scenes, but there is no photo in the frame just black as if I had my finger over the lens, which I don't.

    I tried video, same black screen. I tried launching the camera from within another app, like Facebook, but same results.

    So would one assume that I have a hardware issue?
  7. The camera has a "real" shutter, so look at the lens when you turn the camera app on and see if the shutter is stuck. Warranty that phone quickly. Hope this helps, sorry to hear too man :(
  8. kwall318

    kwall318 Well-Known Member

    Look at the camera lens..heard of the shutter or whatever sticking. Check if its open or closed. That would explain the black screen.
  9. Xbound

    Xbound Active Member

    Oh, ok. I had no idea that it had a physical shutter. I will play with this today!
  10. dmiller2007

    dmiller2007 Well-Known Member

    Have you tried moving your finger from in front of the lens? I noticed that this is the number one culprit when I have a black screen in my camera app. Obviously I'm joking but hope you can find a solution. Idk anything to try that hasn't been shared.
  11. 1stAndroid

    1stAndroid Well-Known Member

    I am having the same trouble, just got my phone delivered to work today. Mine never crashes but the screen just goes blank sometimes and the screen seems to freeze up all black.

    I don't know how to tell the difference between the hpysical shutter being open and closed since ive never used this phone before. Can anyone supply close up pics of the camera lense (with another camera) so I can see what mine should look like?

    I will be going to a corporate store after work asap to get this checked on. Thank goodness my corp store has a massive supplly and has been promised by verizon and motorola that they wont run out! woot.

    EDIT: Got off the phone with Technical Service Rep. My new droid is getting shipped to me ASAP should be getting here Monday or Tuesday. Check your local stores to see if they have stock for a swap in-swap out deal. If not get your call made to Tech. Service and go through the process of trouble-shooting till they give you the new phone.

    Sucks to have to wait for camera but this wait is so much easier than the last week so I'll survive
  12. ndfan4u

    ndfan4u Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much, this reset helped with my camera problems.
  13. jreed2560

    jreed2560 Well-Known Member

    I remember somebody with a review unit having the same problem.
  14. Xbound

    Xbound Active Member

    I have played further with the device, and it would seem that the shutter is closed, but I can't visually confirm.

    What sucks is that I am on a carribean cruise and would have loved to use the panoramic photo feature.

    I guess I will return the phone for exchange once I return to the states. :(

    Any suggestions on the best way to do this? Should I call my verizon rep or call verizon customer service?
  15. jreed2560

    jreed2560 Well-Known Member

    customer service would be my bet. All your rep is going to do is call customer service and order one for you.
  16. 1stAndroid

    1stAndroid Well-Known Member

    See my earlier post I had the same issue and called customer support and they are able to replace the phone.they walked me through a few possible fixes that people here a already mentioned but when they were satisfied that it was a hardware issue not a software error they shipped me a New phone. They will ship it out and let you return yours after the new one comes!

    Hope this helps.i would call now so you have the new one when you get home :) :) :) :)
  17. Droid_X-treme

    Droid_X-treme New Member

    Wow really? My camera isn't working and I called Customer Service last night and they said I would have to pay full price for the new phone to be shipped to me and I will be credited back once they receive mine. I opted to go to the store and they said they couldn't order me a new phone unless I left mine with them. The thing is I need my phone for work as there is no other method of contacting or getting emails from the main office.
  18. 1stAndroid

    1stAndroid Well-Known Member

    hmm they made no mention of charging up front. They did say if I dont return it in 10 days i would be charged, so same effect really, but they led me to believe the charges would only be incurred if no phone comes back after 10 days.

    we'll see on my cc bill i guess:confused:
  19. mlvaldivia

    mlvaldivia New Member

    I followed the advice of stopping all camera functions on the phone. SETTINGS>APPLICATIONS>RUNNING SERVICES AND STOPPED WIDGET AID SERVICES AND PHOTO WIDGET APP . THEN I removed the battery and re inserted it and started up the phone. WALA!! problem solved, the camera started working again. Of course, it didn't work during a recent concert when I had great seats...dumb phone:)

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