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  1. pjrufus

    pjrufus New Member

    I did post a question about help deciding on a replacement phone, but thought I would post here in case anyone is researching and thinking of buying one - DON'T.

    I am new to T-mobile and Android. If the phone worked as advertised, it would be fine, however, my phone only arrived yesterday, and I will be returning it. My phone does not power off and on as many do, mine completely shuts down constantly. In 12 hours I've pulled the battery more times than i can keep track of. It does have the latest software. I can keep it going longer if I keep the screen-on setting to 30 minutes, which of course is a super battery-drainer.

    I spoke with T-mobile cust. service this morning. This is a known issue, even with the recent software update that was supposed to address the problem. Not sure why they are still selling this phone. I was advised to return it and choose a different phone. I purchased the phone at the FREE promo price, and there currently isn't another 4G with similar features available for free, so I either have to choose a 3G with fewer features, pay a lot for something similar, or, as I was also advised, to wait until Monday and see if a 4G goes free. Monday is apparently the new promo day.

    I'll wait until Monday, but it looks like I may give up T-mobile all together, go back to Verizon (and suck up the extra plan charges) and get an iPhone.

    Admittedly, I didn't research well before buying, so I'm posting this in case someone else is considering the G2X.

  2. nateap87

    nateap87 Well-Known Member

    you know why they're still selling it? Because more people are happy with it than people that aren't happy.
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  3. mojorisin7178

    mojorisin7178 Well-Known Member

    I have had this phone since it came out and I am still on my first device there is nothing wrong with this phone I use it all day every day. Even before the update I had no problems with it if anything I ha e more now than before but nothing major. What you need to keep in mind is all computers nd smartphones are man made and have problems on occasion I have been around computers my whole life I was a computer tech and I have never met a computer that didn't have a few bugs. The only reason that there are so many complaints is is human nature to complain. When you have a good experience you move on and forget about it bit when you get f ed you get angery a.d want to do something about it and you want everyone to know about it. There is a saying in any buisness a a general rule if 1person is happy he will tell maybee 5 if your luckey but if they are pissed they will tell 15-20 people. My advice to you is to called down and exchange the phone if the second one is broken too then dump it of TMobile if you so choose. And to anyone thinking of getting the g2x I say go for if you will have the best phone on the market

    Charlie p
  4. nemesys06

    nemesys06 Well-Known Member

    The only other comaprable device is the HTC Sensation 4G. In all honesty, I loved my first G2x. My only problem (major problem) with my first G2x was the fact that I would lose signal when not connected to wifi. Sure, it would reset itself once in awhile, but nothing that would frustrate me. I just needed a mobile phone that was, well, mobile. I got a replacement and that phone was complete garbage. I had to pull the battery almost 30 times yesterday. I finally got a third replacement today and i am hoping that it works. When the phone works it is a beast. It's just that my last one was a disgrace, you can tell tmobile doesn't make sure these refurb phones don't work right before sending them out. I'm crossing my fingers though, i love the phone when it works.
  5. Fetch Questman

    Fetch Questman Well-Known Member

    There seems to be a fair amou t of horrible G2x's floating around out there. I've had mine since day one with no issues. But the tales of frustration I've read on here make me think the problems go well beyond the typical rate of failure you see with most devices.

    Again, I have been lucky, but other people's problems will make me think twice before buying another LG phone.
  6. danv

    danv New Member

    I want the lg camera back. The stock one on gingerbread is crappy.
  7. Kanester

    Kanester New Member

    Hi, new guy here. I read this post and felt I needed to address this.

    I have been doing alot of research on smartphones in the past couple weeks, and last week I got in on the free G2x deal T-mobile had going. Saw reviews on Cnet, G4, and a few other "expert" review sites and decided to pull the trigger. Then after I had done a little more digging reading the G2x forum on t-mobile's site and other forums like this one, I got REALLY nervous, as my phone was already on it's way. Every other post seemed to be "This phone is crap, T-mobile and LG should pull this from the shelves until it's redone, etc". I thought about exchanging the phone before I even got it.

    I recieved my phone 2 days ago preloaded with GB 2.3.3, nervously powered it on, and so far it has been running flawlessly. No reboot problems many have reported, no freezes, no complaints. This is by far the best and fastest phone I have ever had, and I am in the process of moving all of my itunes library on to it and I like it so much I have decided to put my Ipod Touch on ebay. NO REGRETS WITH THIS PHONE AT ALL.

    I understand every device is not the same and can have problems, but it annoys me when people post "Don't buy this phone, worst phone ever, etc.". The fact is YOU HAVE 14 DAYS to have and use the phone, and if you are experiencing problems you can get it replaced/exchanged for something else with no problem. And the other person who posted in this thread about how the angry people are much more likely to post is 100% correct. If I am happy with my phone, I have no need to vent.

    So please people, everyone has a right to share thier own experience, but just because YOUR phone had an issue doesent mean EVERYONES will.
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  8. FSUphan

    FSUphan Member

    Are you on crack?! I beg to differ. There is definitely more upset people than happy customers. You are dreamin
  9. trevornail

    trevornail New Member

    Most of the time the phones do not have problems until you start adding apps to them. So is the phone the problem or are the apps the problem? Like computers, users it worked fine and I did not do anything and it does not work now. As tech you go in and look around and find that they installed something and now ii does not work. So to the people that complain about G2x not working. Have you installed any apps and then it started freezing up? I have had mine for about a week now and used many different android phones. They ALL have problems. I have even used iPhone. It also has problems. Back to guy that said some have bugs. Very true. This phone is very fast compared to most other phones out and has great graphics. Try rebooting it every few days it will help.
  10. eriku16

    eriku16 Active Member

    Those happy customers like me, who's family has 4 G2Xs that never had issues usually don't post as we don't have nothing to complain about. ;) There are a definitely a LOT of us out there. :p
  11. Jerret

    Jerret New Member

    This is an excellent phone. My phone has been working great since its launch with froyo. I would definitely refer it. It's even better now with gingerbread.
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  12. dcskins2011

    dcskins2011 Member

    The phone is awesome, the T-Mobile rep was honest with me that it had issues when released and they discontinued for a bit, fixed the issues and now it works great and he was right. My phone came with gingerbread and I havent had one instance of shutdown, freezing, or any other stange things happening and I have had it for a month and I use it heavily.
  13. faelon

    faelon New Member

    I've had my new G2x for about a week now. So far so good. Phone is running great and is an absolute beast when it comes to performance. No problems flaws or reboots. No weirdness.

    Wanting a dual core phone on T-Mobile the options were the G2x, the HTC sensation or wait for the Samsung Galaxy S2.

    After my experiences with my HTC made MyTouch 3G I was not real anxious to jump back into bed with them. Especially onto a phone that uses that stupid Sense overlay, and has limited onboard memory. HTC/T-Mobile all but killed the myTouch with the Froyo update.

    Waiting on the Samsung was tempting, but my phone was dying, and honestly the reviews on the Galaxy S2 have been decent but underwelming. Nothing bad, but nothing that really differentiates it from the others.
  14. aaronandtammy7

    aaronandtammy7 Active Member

    What I have found is that most people who experience issues with their "smart phones" are people that really don't have a need for such a device and only own one because they think it's cool to say that they own one. In most cases it is user error and the phone truely is smarter than the owner. I have two G2X's and they are the fastest and most reliable phones I have ever owned. Both of mine are rooted and running CM7 with the trinity Kernel and overclocked to 1552 MHz. The benchmark consistantly runs 4500-5200 without fail. It blows the Samsuck Galaxy S out of the water and no other phone as of yet comes even close to comparing with it, not even the Samsuck Charge. GPS works great, no WIFI issues at all, I have an unlocked version and am currently on Simple Mobile network 4G. Works great. Super fast and totally customized. My advice to those who can't seem to figure out their smart phone is to start with something a little less technical like the galaxy or my-touch and wait until you have mastered that phone before you run with the big dogs. After all you didn't just get up and run one day. You had to learn how to walk first.

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