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my new note, faulty or just really slow??Support

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  1. v6saloon

    v6saloon Member

    Hi everyone, i am new to the forum and hope someone can help me, i have just got a galaxy note and compared to my sgs2 it is extremely slow and laggy, especially when browsing the net, even when typing it cant keep up and that never happened with the s2, i have closed all apps possible and the ram usage is always very high.
    I have read some people having the same issues but others saying it is just as fast as the sgs2.
    I uave only had it 3 days and am considering sending it back for a replacement but am unsure if they will refuse and say it is not faulty, it is just how the phone is, any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  2. homey

    homey Well-Known Member

    Have to disagree with you there. My Note is absolutely awesome, fastest phone I've had (and I've had a LOT). Mine renders pages faster than my Galaxy tab and faster than my wife's Ipad - I'm very happy with it. Maybe you have a faulty device?
  3. v6saloon

    v6saloon Member

    Hi and thanks for the reply, it is good to know that others are working as expected, hopefully this means i have a faulty device and can return it for an exchange, i was worried that it was the way the phones run as everything else on the phone is exellent.
  4. darrenf

    darrenf Member

    Don't worry about the memory in use -- the OS will manage that. Has it been slow since you first took it out of the box? In my experience (having the SGS2 and the Note) the Note was slower when moving around the launcher and scrolling through menus but a lot of that slow-down was caused by my choice of widgets. I was using about 20 instances of Multicons on my home screen and taking them off helped a lot.

    If you haven't upgraded to the KL7 ROM or newer, I suggest making the jump -- the video performance improved dramatically and I no longer pine for the smooth animations on my SGS2. :)

  5. Furiousposter

    Furiousposter Member


    "Extremely" No. I own both and if you install speed test on both I have found that the SGS11 is faster than the note? Only by a tad though!
    We are far from the only customers to find this, even some professional reviews have mentioned this.

    Only last night I yet again tested both appliences side by side and the SGS11 is faster. Like you I found my note laggy and not as smooth as my SGS11 straight from the box?
    My own take on this is simply the screen size of the note must, by the law of physics, take longer to move than a smaller screen? I notice this even more when I return to my SGS11.

    I do wish posters wouldn't refer to the Note as a mobile phone nor a tablet, its neither and unfair to judge the note on such parameters, the note is just that a bridge between the two. A 'note'
  6. EarlZ

    EarlZ Well-Known Member

    Is the slowdown on the internet only? If it is then manually terminate the browser and relaunch it, the note seems to have a habit of running the browser in software mode instead of HW accelerated.

    But if its in general usage then you may have a faulty device as my Galaxy Note is faster than any Galaxy S2 I've compared it including the one I owned before getting the note.
  7. v6saloon

    v6saloon Member

    Thanks for all the replies, i sent it back for a replacement 2 days ago and a new one is being sent out tomorrow. I am using my s2 whole i wait and it feels so small now i am ised to the note, i dont think i could go back to anything smaller than the note now haha
  8. v6saloon

    v6saloon Member

    Thanks for the reply, i refer to the note as a phone as i can make phone calls on it and it is a mobile device so as far as i am concerned it is a mobile phone.
  9. v6saloon

    v6saloon Member

    Hi, sorry but could you explain this a bit more please as i am not very technically minded; thank you.
  10. Braxos

    Braxos Well-Known Member

    First of all good choice. Second which version of android did it have if 2.3.5 then it is normal it was to slow even some early 2.3.6 where slow too. After kj9 and kl7 was the huge lag gone,but there was still some on gallery and browser. but with xxla4, haven't tried La1 or la3, came a non lag android version on Note. All stock roms no root no custom changes.
  11. Furiousposter

    Furiousposter Member

    I agree 2.3.6 and LA4 does improve the lag situation. Non the less it is still not as smooth or lag free as my SGS11? 'Speed test' them side by side and the SGS11 wins every time. Only by a tad now but non the less ... I would guess this is maybe due to pure screen size, the Note has this massive screen so can't be expected to be as nimble as a much smaller screen.
  12. eddyleong78

    eddyleong78 New Member

    disable power saving mode. you will find it faster.
  13. cathmarie

    cathmarie New Member

    Hello v6saloon, saw your post about returning your Note. I just got mine last week and am experiencing the lagging as well (even after disabling animations, keeping track of all the running programs, clearing out app cache and disabling power saving mode). Is your new Note still as laggy or is it better?
  14. B2L

    B2L Well-Known Member

    Do you have the at&t branded version? Or the international version. I've heard that quite a few people with the at&t version have been experiencing some lag.
  15. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    Root it. Stock it is very laggy. Returning for a new one will not fix this issue.

    WIth root you can enable GPU rendering meaning the graphics processor aids in rendering the homescreen and scrolling. That and using a better kernel such as Franco or Abyss makes a world of difference.
  16. CircuitBabe

    CircuitBabe New Member

    Hey guys! Jess here. This is my first post. I kind of have the same problem with my Note. I really don't know if its broken or just really slow right now, but it's lagging like crazy! any tips to make it go faster? Its even taking foreverrrr to load a single page! HELP!
  17. CircuitBabe

    CircuitBabe New Member

    Hey v6saloon! this is Jess. HOW is your phone doing? Is it any better? I used to have the same problem with my Note and I tried rooting it. Well it was good for a couple days but the problem returned. I tried looking and searching the web for a solution. It turns out, my circuit board could be dirty so I researched how people clean it. Lol geeky I know. I found this article on Note circuit board cleaning. Here's the link, Top Performing Galaxy Note with the Ultrasonic Cleaner This is the first time I've heard of this machine. Has anybody used this before? Is it any good? I'm very curious.
  18. vty

    vty New Member

    I read a good number of posts with people complaining about lag which worried me- but I've got absolutely none. I switched from Spring 4g (EVO) to this, my LTE signal is great and it's ridiculous to me how fast the internet is. Also, I've got it pretty well loaded down with apps/widgets and I don't notice any lag. As usual I've had to close apps and restart them when they had issues communicating with web/gps, but that's pretty much par for course with Android.
  19. bonerp

    bonerp Well-Known Member

    mines laggy waking and switching between screens - its slightly slower than my S2. Is KL7 an official update? I bought mine this week and its on 2.3.6 KKA
  20. CircuitBabe

    CircuitBabe New Member

    Hey there, yeah I think its a legit update tho I've heard some people talking about KL8 so yeah. How's your galaxy doing? Mine's way better after having it ultrasonically cleaned. Lol. :D
  21. ads12

    ads12 New Member

    I have has two galaxy notes (one broke) and as far as I can tell (coming from an iPhone 4) its very laggy. On both my devices rendering the shortcuts on the home screen, even without widgets can be very slow sometimes and then fast others and consistently slow when unlocking the phone or even just turning the screen on to look at the time. I also find that after clearing the ram and closing all applications the phone can still be very sluggish and choppy even when playing a simple game like temple run. My first note was rooted and I tried several roms to try and improve the speed to no avail and my new note is not rooted and even don't have many applications installed and suffers from the same problems. It also gets very hot whilst trying to play any game or even just in web browsing in my experience and in this aspect I am experiencing a similar choppiness to toefoe was describing. I seriously hope this is all an software problem and will be resolved by the ICS update but if the ICS roms i've tried are anything to go by (and i know there not complete and may have bugs the final release don't) I've bought the wrong phone. I should have waited a month or two and got the HTC one x. Just out of interest is anyone other than me and toefoe experiencing problems like this as all of the reviews and most of the articles i have read seem to suggest these are abnormalities, but from my experience at least its not, but then again I could have been really unlucky and received two defective devices. Any thanks for reading and any response would be great
  22. flaxfrogfriend

    flaxfrogfriend New Member

    My Note only lags when the Battery Economy Mode is enable.
  23. ifb-online

    ifb-online Well-Known Member

    Someone else here said that Touch-Wiz home screens are GPU accelerated already.

  24. ifb-online

    ifb-online Well-Known Member

    Well I have stuffed my new Note with dozens of apps, including several browsers, and it doesn't feel laggy to me. I have several other smartphones for evaluation, including an iPhone 4s and if anything the Note seems faster. The stock browser did stop working properly once - I couldn't zoom the view any more, so I re-booted and all has been well since.

  25. xidheart

    xidheart New Member

    i deleted all widgets from home screen and boom!!!speeded up again

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