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My new Visson ATV

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  1. ostitu125

    ostitu125 Member

    Hi all,

    Just want to share with you that I just received a new Visson ATV 102.
    Original from factory came with: (using device checker)
    -MBX 2.0 board
    -Brand MBX
    -Name: f16ref
    -device: f16ref
    -Android 4.04
    -3.08 kernel

    Works fine so far I still have to go into deep use.
    A nice thing I added a nice cheap Logitech mK220 keybd+mouse (single usb dongle) and works perfect!


    P.S: Stane, are you still there?

  2. kaosvoid

    kaosvoid New Member

    when i power on my android google tv 4.0.4 its the same as the one in the first post but the light are both solid and never blink. ive tried all the new update and the power /reset combo. what else may i do. thanks ahead of time. for you to answer ill give 20 dollers via paypal .

    sincerely cduncan

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