My new Visson ATV102

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  1. ostitu125

    ostitu125 Member

    Hi all,

    Just want to share with you that I just received a new Visson ATV 102.
    Original from factory came with: (using device checker)
    -MBX 2.0 board
    -Brand MBX
    -Name: f16ref
    -device: f16ref
    -Android 4.04
    -3.08 kernel

    Works fine so far I still have to go into deep use.
    A nice thing I added a nice cheap Logitech mK220 keybd+mouse (single usb dongle) and works perfect!


    P.S: Stane, are you still there?

  2. erwaninho

    erwaninho Member

    hello ostitu

    I'm desperately waiting for stane's answer ;)

    Can you please tell me which software you use to watch videos ? you know, I want to hide the taskbar with the alternative video players...
  3. majedabbas

    majedabbas Member

    can you upload the firmware?
    to test it in my atv
  4. ostitu125

    ostitu125 Member

    Hi Majeda and Erwan,

    To play video I use original Mediacenter 1.0 player. Came installed with the toy. I run few videos and the task bar goes away 3 seconds later tham the video starts. Cliking mouse over the video recalls the task bar.

    regarding firmware, I'm not really an expert, so, is there an easy way to copy/backup my firmware? (please step by step for dummies....).

    Or maybe emailing visson would get you a dnld of this 2012-09-20.

    One more nice thing to add is Go Launcher HD version....


  5. erwaninho

    erwaninho Member

    hello ostitu, thx for your answer !!!

    on my android, the taskbar of the software disappears, but not the taskbar of android...

    do you confirm you only have the video, and not the hour and wifi icon ??
  6. ostitu125

    ostitu125 Member

    Hi Erwi,

    Ok, if I play an avi video (Bryan May & Freddy Mercury...) with Mediacenter I still have the task bar with time and ethernet icons present.
    If I play the same video with app VideoPlayer ver 1.73, i get the fullscreeen video without any task bar; full screen nothing else.
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  7. erwaninho

    erwaninho Member

    yeah it helps me a little ;)
    just to mention that there's only one player on this android box which is able to really play full screen videos, and that this player cant look for network videos...

    this is disappointing :(
  8. ostitu125

    ostitu125 Member


    Just to point out another discover I've made: ethernet browsing or viewing youtube video with ethernet cable is imposible: incredible slow.

    But, if you use an ethernet crossed cable........voil
  9. gamajunior

    gamajunior Member


    For those who have the VS-ATV-102 512MB and ran out WI-FI and helpless due greed of some people I have a firmware 2012-09-25 which the WI-FI is working perfectly :)

    Soon I'll post the link to download.

  10. jevgenijo

    jevgenijo New Member

    Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is still relevant. But there you can find the firmware and the recovery procedure for the Visson ATV-102 box.
  11. jevgenijo

    jevgenijo New Member

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