My Nexus 7 Wont BootSupport

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  1. vette

    vette Member

    I got my nexus 7 in early september. I tried to root it but it was unsuccessful for some reason. Since it was working fine and I was leaving on a trip 24 hours later, I just let it go. It has been working great until the last month or so when it has been freezing occasionally requiring a hard boot or not turning on when I press the power button, also requiring a hard boot. Having returned to the US (and my laptop) last week, I had intended to move my data off and reset to factory but now it is stuck.

    This morning it was working fine and had 100% battery. I then had it in my trunk in @40F temps for about 45 minutes. When I tried turning it on after that, it wouldn't do anything. I tried doing a hard boot and it gets to the google logo screen (not the x) and just stops. I let it sit there for a bit and noticed it was warm when I went back to it.

    I tried booting it into recovery mode, but that doesnt work. I tried connecting it to my laptop, but though I get the 'bing bong' sound when it is in bootloader mode, it never shows up as a drive. When I power it off from the bootloader, i see the charging icon but nothing else happens.

    Really hoping someone can make a suggestion on how to get it up and running again as I am leaving the country again in a week so don't have time for warranty work (if it is even still under warranty.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

  2. Leonhan

    Leonhan Member

    Hmm, that's pretty weird. It could be a hardware issue though. Anyway, if you can get to the bootloader, then you can be in fastboot mode. Try flashing stock rom and see if it solves the problem.
  3. vette

    vette Member

    thanks for the response. how do i do that? i am a bit techno challenged when it comes to that kind of thing.
  4. PoPo Is Legit

    PoPo Is Legit Member

    Download the Nexus Root Tool Kit. Is Is awesome. Be sure usb debugging is on. The tool kit will do every thing for you. Just click and it will tell you what to do next. Do as it says and you will be unlocked, rooted and well on your way to flashing custom roms in no time.

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