My Note 2 Just Died...or something. Help! :-(Support

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  1. ODog2323

    ODog2323 Well-Known Member

    I just went to pick my phone up off table...pushed the home button to wake it up...nothing. Pow button...nothing. Pulled and replaced the battery. Plugged it into AC power...nada. I h. sent a text a few minutes prior, and hadn't done anything else with the phone for a bit. Totally normal use all day. What the hell? :-( My battery was at 70-something percent. Anyone ever have this happen and find a way out? This is the international N7100 model btw.

    I am rooted, but on a stock ROM...nothing fancy. I haven't made any root related tweaks or changes in a couple weeks.

    Thoughts? Help??

    Update...when pressing the power button for a few seconds I can see a red light flash in the ambient light/proximity sensor (not sure which is which) to the right of the speaker grill

  2. andygu3

    andygu3 Well-Known Member

    Have you put it on the charger and try to charge for an hour or 2? Did you flash a custom recovery or make any sort of backup? Maybe something got corrupted with the stock, rooted rom.
  3. ODog2323

    ODog2323 Well-Known Member

    Yea, I left it on the charger for a good while. I've read about a few similar cases around the web. Haven't seen anything about possible solutions though. Not encouraged :-(

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