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My own domain gmail (custom gmail) stuck in LOADING.. help pleaseGeneral

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  1. silicuda

    silicuda Member

    I have a gmail account and a custom gmail account (mydomain.com).
    I upgraded to the latest software (ICS) and all via Applications>Software update.

    The update went ok, it just messed up my emails so It wasn't sending/receiving properly. I deleted both of my emails, re-added my gmail email and that is syncing/working properly.

    My custom domain gmail however is not working at all, it is stuck in loading.
    I searched and tried everything you guys mentioned on this forum like clearing cache, clearing data for email app, gmail app, etc. Disabling wifi/data plan, re-enabling it, nothing.

    I know the password is correct, (i changed it even because one post said to try that) and still NOTHING.

    Please advise how this can be fixed, and I don't want to use that k9 email program, i want to use Email as I did before I upgraded.


  2. silicuda

    silicuda Member

    No one replied, not surprised.

    Anyway in case someone is also having the same issue, I found out that Ice Cream Sandwich has a bug where it doesn't really support custom gmail configurations. I tested various ICW stock builds, and then also tested Gingerbread builds (Cyaogenmod, Stock) on Gingerbread it works fine, on ICW it does Not.

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