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  1. maelrox

    maelrox New Member

    Hmmm, Hi :)

    I bought an LG Optimus One P500 1 month ago. I wanted to put some music, I checked the ''Mass Storage Only'' on the '' SD Card & Phone Storage Settings'' and then, ploged it on my PC. And it works fine, my PC detected my cellphone. Today I wanted to put some songs of the LFMAO album I bought, so I did the same things that the last time. Surprise, nothing happened :eek:. I search like a crazy guy EVERYWHERE, and tryed EVERYTHING. Nothing worked. I installed the LG USB Driver but it doesn't work. I don't know wath it's wrong or if there is a big probleme on my cellphone or my computer but i need help, please.

    Is there more people who has the same problem?
    Is there people who know how to repair this?
    Do I need to go see the store (Futur Shop (Koodo)) where I bought it?
    Or send it to the compagny so they can repair my phone?

  2. maelrox

    maelrox New Member

    Hehe :D i find the solution by my self :)
    It's something called FTP, it connects your device (cell, portable, etc) to your computer using your IP adresse, so it's like connected to the same Modem so you can transfer your things. You can see the things that are in your device and upload, download, manage and wathever like if they were connected by an USB.

    Wikipedia thing - File Transfer Protocol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    There are many differents programms for that but i use, in the phone, ''SwiFTP'' that can be downloaded in the store, and ''FileZilla'' in the Computer.
    There is a download link for the FileZilla - FileZilla - The free FTP solution
    And for the phone... Search it in the store for free :)

    The ''How To...'' is there - How to use File Zilla (FTP) on XP - YouTube
    Comment: Is not only for XP, it works for everything because FileZilla can be downloaded for every software or wathever you call that.

    Thx to those who try to find a solution for my (and maybe others) probleme :)

    Note: Zorry for the ortograph bad things ive made, i'm a spanish-man :)
  3. killrsheep

    killrsheep New Member

    I have the same issue, im well aware that Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi are also means to trasfer data, but this is not a solution to your (and my) problem, this is just a workaround,

    Before others say, "this has been discussed before", "look at other posts" etc, it hasnt.

    Its not a driver issue because i have tried several (at least 8) different pc's both clean and with drivers installed, and i dont even get a "New hardware recognized notification" (those computes responded perfectly with the lg model that followed the lg p500 sorry forgot the name, same cable used on both phones)

    the phone wont show any notification (as it did before) of "usb connected" it wont even show that beloved black screen where you choose to go into mass storage mode.

    the phone acts as if you plugged it in a charger... it doesnt even realize that a data connection is present

    No its not on debug mode, ive checked, rechecked, restarted-disabled-restart-enable this function to the end of my patience

    there are so very little options and checkboxes you can fiddle around with regarding USB so ive already tried

    one common thing ive seen on the other unresolved posts is an update done by lg pc suite, but now since i dont have a bluetooth dongle to try and re-update in case any patch has been released (which i doubt since there is very little info available on this error) my phone's contact with any apparent means of fixing is severed

    all ive got left is do a factory reset which i fear might do more damage than good (does your carrier settings get deleted???)

    or assume a hardware malfunction although all else works fine...

    ... i love my phone, this just dissapoints me
  4. killrsheep

    killrsheep New Member

    did a factory reset using the option in the hidden test and settings menu (dial 3845#*500#)my carrier settings are fine and i backed up my sd using FTP sharing in file expert (it took ages, i have a 32GB SD mounted on my phone)

    but the problem persists...

    just now i had something weird happen, i booted up my pc and while windows was in the loading screen i plugged my phone and the black android screen popped up!, i quickly pressed go into mass storage mode and the usb logo briefly appeared in the notifications bar, then it all went back to "problem state", no usb logo, no data connection only charging mode...

    but there is something weird going on, i thought it was a hardware problem but the "usb module"... works?... -ish
  5. samrox144

    samrox144 Disabled

    try installing usb drivers from lg update tool....and enable usb mass storage in settings
  6. pushpakk

    pushpakk New Member

    Hi i am,also having same problem with my optimus one
    i got that phone around a month ago
    that time evrything ws fine
    it ws connecting to pc asking me to turn on usb storage
    bt nw its nt even detecting usb connection, no usb icon in notification bar
    but i have noticed one thing that

    whenever i turn on mass storage, usb debugging goes off and
    whenever i turn on usb debugging, mass storage goes off

    i think that this might be the problem
    Suggestions needed
    currently m on 2.3.3 official gb

    please someone help me on this problem
    i've done factory reset many times but no help...
    i desperately need help, please
  7. babool

    babool New Member

    I have this problem as well. I can't get either my home computer or work computer using windows 7 to recognise there is a phone connected. LG customer service said it's a phone problem and to send it in. I took it to Futureshop where I bought it and they got it connected on a computer using windows 7. They suggested my Avast anti-virus was blocking it so I disabled it and it still won't work. It seems there is something wrong with the computer but I can't find out what, when I install the LG usb driver my device manager states there is a problem with the modem that appears as a result of the installation. The installation of the usb driver states it to be successfully installed.

    futureshop just downloaded the driver and PC suite and when the phone connected it came up with a screen I had never seen before asking for usb connection to be enabled, then it worked.

    If anyone can solve this then you should be working for LG who seem very uninterested in this (significant) problem for the P500h.
  8. FD1999

    FD1999 Member

  9. sivaram1only

    sivaram1only New Member

    i m using LG p500h , its a one year old mobile.
    my problem is whenever i m charging my LG P500 with mobile charger,
    it is displaying charging and also showing charging icon above right corner.
    but still it shows my battery charging percentage level is reduced to drastically
    while charging. when i connected with to my laptop by usb cable connection it is
    also showing charging dispaly in mobile and also i am able to use LG pc suite and
    acces my files messages through pc suite and also see mass card storage ,, is working very easily on system through data cable. my charger is not
    damaged nor the charger pins are ion good condition.i m using android 2.3.3 version.
    i recently force closed google play services ,,, but still its working.
    till now there is no problem but one day back all of a sudden my mobile is
    showing battery level reducing though i m charging regularly in same manner
    ,so please help me and solve me in this issue , is this a software problem or hardware
    thank u \

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