My PDANet blocked by T-Mobile, can I use a VPN proxy to get around it?

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  1. verdagon

    verdagon New Member

    Hey, I was able to tether via USB to get internet on my galaxy s2, and it was glorious. But after a month or two, I couldn't tether any more. Ever since then, even on new billing cycles, I can't use PDANet to tether. Whenever I try to access a site on my laptop via tethering, I always just see a T-Mobile page saying "upgrade your account to tethering today!"

    I'm thinking this is probably because T-Mobile can see that my requests look like they come from a real computer, probably from the headers of the requests, etc. So I'm thinking, what I could encrypt my requests on my phone, then send the request through PDANet to a proxy, which could make the real request for me?

    I do something similar with other programs, with a VPN in the netherlands acting as a proxy. I'm hoping I can make that work with PDANet too.

    Can PDANet do this? Or is there another program I can use with PDANet to keep T-Mobile from knowing that I'm requesting from my computer?


  2. droidcentric

    droidcentric Well-Known Member

    They know what you did and obviously you are soon to get booted by the carrier if you continue. Basically you were stealing and they are going to monitor you like a hawk now.
  3. verdagon

    verdagon New Member

    Thanks for the reply. So hypothetically, if it wasn't stealing, and I wanted to continue, how would I go about it?

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