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  1. rybnz

    rybnz New Member

    This happens very randomly, I sometimes get icons on top of my screen and it indicates I've lost service, so I can't make calls nor use TXT msg. This happens even when my wife is beside me and have full signal on her Sony phone

    What do I do about it? I've tried restarting the phone, it helps (sometimes), but it's just annoying


  2. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    Hi, I assume that your phone is an Ideos U8150?
    Are you and your wife using the same provider/network?
    How far away from the nearest cell tower?
    Is your battery fully seated in place and clean connections and fully charged?
    Cheers Neil.
  3. rybnz

    rybnz New Member

    Hi nu2andy, thanks for replying my question

    My wife and I am using the same network provider, she has a better phone
    We were at central city (Auckland, NZ) where signal coverage should be sufficient

    Battery was almost full, and I could still access my SD card (photos, contacts, etc)
  4. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    Hi rybnz, What provider are you using? Telecom,Vodaphone,2Degrees,Telstra?
    Have you checked that your SIM card is making good contact?
    I haven't experienced any problem like that in Lower half of North Island with 2Degrees. Neil.
  5. rybnz

    rybnz New Member

    i'm using 2 degree, sim card is fine, that's why I dont understand

    Beside, if I lost my signal, all I need to do is restart my phone (or a couple of times), then it would be working fine........

    It's just a hassle that I have to do this everytime, and sometimes I don't realize I've lost service, so I've missed calls or msgs
  6. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    Have you contacted 2Degrees to see whether other users in Auckland Central are experiencing the same problem?
    Other than that - my only suggestion would be to Back up your Data and do a Factory data reset. Your next choice would be a Forced Upgrade.
    These are drastic moves as you will lose ALL data and contacts and multimedia you have on the phone.
    check with 2Degrees first. Neil.
    ps. The reason I suggest these moves is that it sounds like a bad connection somewhere or a weak signal.
  7. rybnz

    rybnz New Member

    I see, well, thanks for all your replies

    I was hoping there were any quick fix (something to do with setting)
    but i guess there's not

    I'll try to contact both my provider and the phone dealer

  8. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    Lrt's know how you get on. Just a thought - have you set Use only 2G networks? If so try uncheck and see if that helps. Neil.

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