My phone does not turn on!Support

  1. Chetan.Viper

    Chetan.Viper Member

    hey! i have a samsung galaxy 551..
    the was working just fine...then i opened rom manager and pressed backup current rom... the screen just went isnt turning on since then..i havent put any new roms...please help me!

    Thank You!

  2. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    And did you by any little minuscule improbable chance install Clockwork Mod recovery ?
    Samsung Stock Phones are incompatible with clockworkmod recovery .
    Flashing CLKMOD bricks the phone
    The method for backing up Samsung ROMs is different .
    Go to samsung care and have the phone replaced .It is bricked for good.
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  3. Chetan.Viper

    Chetan.Viper Member

    awww man!! i think i did!! :'( do i have to pay to replace the phone??
    and what should i tell the samsung care guy to replace the phone??
  4. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Just tell the guy it stopped working . No need to give any explanation . ;) .
    If it's under warranty you will get free replacement .
  5. Chetan.Viper

    Chetan.Viper Member

    It is under warranty!!! :) cool! thanks a TON!!! :D
  6. jbanti

    jbanti Active Member

    But if u rooted it then u hv to unroot it first
  7. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Not needed .
    There is a loophole in the technical warranty .
    The reason rooting is not allowed is because it means changing in /system and much dangerous changing/flashing the nand .
    ROM Manager bricks the Bootloader of the phone .It's a rooted app that does it.

    However the bootloader can also be bricked in other ways
    A)A bad odin flash (Only if odin is halted while bootloader is being flashed ).Odin is used by samsung personnel .
    B.)KIES OTA failure .KIES has a very high failure rate and it's an official application ,so technically you are under warranty .

    After the bootloader is bricked ,no one can know whether a phone is rooted or how a phone bricked (Odin,ROm manager or KIES ) .

    So they just restore the nand and flash a stock firmware .
    Samsung Care Centre don't care if you rooted or not .
    It's just a disclaimer added to discourage people from doing stuff they dont understand (Like flashing Clockwork Mod recovery meant for other phones )
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  8. Chetan.Viper

    Chetan.Viper Member

    i gave it to samsung service centre today. they said they will do a full observation! they have absolutely no chance of finding out i rooted the phone right??
  9. jbanti

    jbanti Active Member

    Yeah....its Right buddy....
  10. Androidshek

    Androidshek Well-Known Member

    Hey Guys,

    Recently my phone has stopped working and the worst part i don't know how.....

    i installed the app Mobile ODIN Pro from market and it said that the device is not supported and wanted to dump something so that it makes the device did it and created a log....

    After that, when i restarted the phone it didn't start..and then i flashed a different ROM from ODIN....

    Now, its not going in downloading mode.....
    Its rooted and not under warranty.....

    Plz Help....

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