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  1. jajka76

    jajka76 New Member

    So I have updated my phone through T-mobile yesterday after I received service message and the phone never got past the "samsung vibrant" screen, it stays here after it plays the welcoming melody. After that, it simply won't start. I have tried hard reboot, factory reset, nothing worked. Did this happen to some of you as well? Any ideas how to get my phone working again? I would really appreciate sugestions.

  2. djquick

    djquick Well-Known Member

    Reflash your phone to the stock firmware using odin. Here is a link to help you out Start Here
  3. fjweinbk

    fjweinbk Active Member

    This also happened to me and I'm still in the process of fixing it. Hopefully I'll update with good news later today. Wish me luck, I'm a noob also. FACK!!! Anyone experienced users have any input?
  4. fjweinbk

    fjweinbk Active Member

    Hey I'm actually in the process of doing this, but my $5 question is if flashing back would erase any of my pictures or videos that I have on my memory. I don't are about the apps, I NEED my pictures of my kids. THANKS a million.
  5. duc916

    duc916 Well-Known Member

    jajka76 was your phone rooted or stock?

    When the update comes, do you have to click to download? Or is it downloading while it's idle and you click to install? I ask because I don't want a corrupt package and would prefer to move to an area with decent 3G reception (i.e. not my house).

    Any guesses as to why it seems like there are a lot of OTA bricks already? Pretty pathetic to have to go browsing a bunch of non-affiliated forum threads to learn how to rescue a phone that gets bricked by a factory update. You'd think 230MB worth of Kies would have such a feature. WTF
  6. djquick

    djquick Well-Known Member

    Was it on your internal or external sd card? If it was on internal, it shouldn't as long as the update didn't format your internal sd card. As far as external, no.

    Either way, whatever you do; do NOT format your sd card otherwise it WILL erase everything you had on there (pics, music, videos). And for future reference, you should occasionally back-up your media (pics, music, vids) to your external card just in case anything like this happens. After all, this IS technology; so there will be flaws.
  7. jajka76

    jajka76 New Member

    Thanks for the link. I did a litle research and realized that I have clockwork recovery on my phone so I tried to do restore from nandroid with no luck, same result, screen just hangs on after reboot. I am not sure where to start here. I can't acces my phone internal storage nor the sd card via usb cable. The only thing I am able to do is to get into the recovery mode after the hard reset. Can you point me out here? Sorri I am very new to this. Good luck to everyone with the same issue!
  8. fjweinbk

    fjweinbk Active Member

    Hey thanks for your reply first of all. All my stuff is in my internal sd card.
  9. djquick

    djquick Well-Known Member

    1. Download this, either 32 or 64 bit (whichever your system is running and install it.

    2. Download this and install it.

    3. Download this and extract it to your desktop ( or wherever you'll remember where you saved it).

    4. Do this:
    Step 1.) Open Odin.exe and plug a usb cable to your computer that will connect to your phone (do not plug it in to the phone yet, just the computer)
    Step 2.) Hold down both volume buttons at the same time and while holding them down plug the usb into your phone. You should see a COM message show up in Odin.
    Step 3.) Leave all check boxes the way they are. Do NOT check the repartition box.
    Step 4.) Click the PIT button and select the 512.pit file
    Step 5.) Click the PDA button and select T959UVJFD.tar and then click Start

    you should be done with all this in 15-20 minutes. You can thank me after you finished
  10. rocketragz

    rocketragz Well-Known Member

    wow, same thing happened to me last night after updating. i'm going to try what you suggest djquick...
  11. rocketragz

    rocketragz Well-Known Member

    you're the shit djquick. thanks so much. i have to completely start over with my phone but anything is better than this pos loner they gave me.

    so how do i go about updating my phone to the latest? i go to update and it says no firmware
  12. jajka76

    jajka76 New Member

    Thank you soooooooooo much !!!! The phone is up and running!
  13. rocketragz

    rocketragz Well-Known Member

    I just got off the phone with tmobile and to get the update again will apparently be another month. Seriously, WTF!?!
  14. fjweinbk

    fjweinbk Active Member

    THANK YOU!!! Only took me 10 minutes to fix it. For all those that have the same issue, use this method! I STILL HAVE ALL MY PIX AND VIDEOS!!! I'm sure my root is gone along with all downloaded apps. But im good with that. Now should I redo the update?
  15. rocketragz

    rocketragz Well-Known Member

    When you figure out how, please let me know. According to tmobile we will have to wait another month
  16. djquick

    djquick Well-Known Member

    You guys will get your update the same way as you did before, through the notification bar on the top of your screen.

    As far as rooting, do it just the way you did before and you'll be fine.

    As far as Ryanza's OCLF; well, if you're REALLY experiencing lag on your phone, then install it. If you're not, don't bother to install it as it partitions your internal sd card leaving you less memory. Honestly I installed it when I first got my phone and really didn't notice that much of a difference so I just uninstalled it. I mean don't get me wrong, it's a great program for those who do have lagging issues, but if your phone responds pretty quickly, you really don't need it.
  17. jajka76

    jajka76 New Member

    Sorry haven't noticed your question. My phone was rooted. I am not sure I think it asks for the installation permission but I think it downloads it at the same time you install it so being in the area with a good reception would be preferable. Hope it is not going to ruin your phone like it did mine.
  18. rocketragz

    rocketragz Well-Known Member

    i know that, the question is when will the update be pushed back out to us again. i asked the tmo rep if she could force the update back to me so i can update my phone, but as mentioned the tmo rep said she could not force update and it would be a month. who knows if the service rep knew what she was talking about. i hope not.
  19. secret me

    secret me New Member

    My Vibrant was bricked during the update and I had to flash back to stock using Odin. After the flash was successful I was relieved that all of my data (pictures, documents, etc.) were still on the SD card as well as the internal storage. The flashing process did not touch my data. Luckily I had a Titanium Backup of my apps. There's a thread over @ XDA that's trying to figure out the cause of the brick and it seems to be removing bloatware and or having an (such as rooting). I did have that I used for rooting on the SD card that I think might have been the problem. Did anyone else that bricked have this problem?
  20. fjweinbk

    fjweinbk Active Member

    I'm in the same boat as you are. Rooted, lag fix, blatware, update zip...... I'll probably going to re-root my phone cuz I hate all the useless shyt on it. Prolly will do lag fix too cuz I just ran my bench mark and it was 910 when it was 2200 b4:(**** Now when is Froyo coming!!!!!!!
  21. grafixmasta

    grafixmasta New Member

    DJQuick.. I joined just to tell you, you are the man. Thank you. Got my phone up and running in no time. The only issue I had was that I rooted my phone then unrooted the phone. Which is why I am like ?!?!?! in regards to why it failed.
  22. Comicazy

    Comicazy Member

    Hey guys, I posted a fix to this problem here:

    Fixed Update Bricked Vibrant No Odin or Kies

    As the title says, you don't need to use Odin or Kies. So if you know your way around recovery give this a shot. Only down side it that you need to be rooted.

  23. artcriminal

    artcriminal Member

    I'm losing my mind guys. The update bricked my phone. Neither Odin nor windows will see it in recovery mode. I got a replacement. I somehow bricked it. I was running galaxsy s tweak to change the lock screen. It locked up and I'm stuck at the samsung vibrant screen yet again. My card reader will see the ext-sd but the phone itself won't so I can't even put a different rom on it and install from it in recovery mode. Please help asap
  24. w_bovine

    w_bovine Well-Known Member

    You need to get to download mode and reinstall the stock firmware via Odin. See this thread for resources:

    [REF]***Vibrant Directory(Bible)Rev2.1--A little color can't hurt--***(10/29/2010)*** - xda-developers

    Odin isn't used with's used in download mode. Can you get there? Recovery mode isn't what you should be concerned about right now. PM me if you need more help.
  25. artcriminal

    artcriminal Member

    Correction I meant download mode. Odin and windows can see my phone in either regular or recovery but not in download mode. Odin just doesn't see it and windows complains that it's an unidentified usb device. I've installed all the drivers, fiddled with the cable, tried putting a rom on the sd-ext. Nothing is working for me.

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