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  1. Roachk1lla

    Roachk1lla Member

    So recently I havE had people tell me they tried calling me but the phone never rang or said I missed a call. I get the voice mail if they leave one but no signs of then calling besides that. I love my captivate but I have trouble sending and receiving pic messages too. I've never had any other problems either. Anyone know what may cause this? If its the phone will they replace it for free?

  2. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    This is what happens if your phone is not getting sufficient reception when the call comes in.
  3. a2gtinut

    a2gtinut Active Member

    my first Captivate was doing this, it was droppingh from network for no reason. Replacement phone is rock solid.
  4. nathanm

    nathanm New Member

    My captivate does this, but it has nothing to do with the network. It has everything to do with some problem caused by charging the phone.

    After i charge my phone and unplug it, it will mysteriously not recieve calls or texts. The tell-tale sign is when i try to call and the call just hangs. The only way to fix this is to take the battery out and re-start the phone. Very annoying and it took me a while to figure out after going all day(s) wondering why my wife wasn't calling me or why no one else wasn't calling me.

    Anyone else with his problem? Is this a hardware warranty problem or a software glitch? Seems like both.
  5. freeatlast09

    freeatlast09 New Member

    My friend called 4 times last evening, I heard an alert and when I looked at my phone, it said Rejected. I have no clue why this is happening.
  6. allen282

    allen282 New Member

    on my phone it seems to happen sometime after using cisco anyconnect
    along with connectbot (ssh). It requires a battery removal to clear.
  7. aratswad88

    aratswad88 Member

    My husband calls me for hours and I never even get a voicemail. He tried calling from diff. phones n didn't work. No matter where I am at it happens. Small town big town never matters I just cant get the calls. Also loosing texts. Hubby sent me one and a monthlater it finally came thru on my phone. Usually I get them minutes to hours or days after sent. Only once it took a month. If it was the signal then we have no good signals anywhere within a hour drive of where I live. I just got a new captivate glide replacement. Guess what. First text was 3 min late and as the day went on they were 30 to and hour later and my hubby couldn't reach me again for 2 hours. This has to be an issue with the phones beucase my last phone before the captivate did the same thing.

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