My phone is bricked

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  1. mayhem_javi

    mayhem_javi New Member

    alright so i'm pretty positive my phone is bricked. i've tried the Odin thing and i'm pretty sure that just made things worse. i can't access recovery mode or that screen with the options to erase all data. this started on saturday when my phone kept freezing, causing me to shut it down. now, it'll vibrate, samsung will appear, and then "Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G exclusively from T-Mobile" will appear. But the message itself is messed up with the "galaxy" cut in half and the bottom half not matching up with the top half. after the loading bar gets about half ways, it shuts off and repeats the process. i can't even charge my phone without turning it on. someone please help me

  2. spagman72

    spagman72 Well-Known Member

    It's just a soft brick... Totally fixable, you said you can get into Download mode... So just find a stock Rom for your phone.. Depending on what bootloaders you have, you might need a 2 part rom (pit +pda) or the complete 4 part. (pit+pda +phone +csc). That should fix it.
  3. Mike_Riley

    Mike_Riley New Member

    So since we're talkin about the Blaze 4G, think someone can help me find a way to turn off signature verification? Got it rooted via Odin 1.85. Tried to update CWM and that doomtastic message appeared.... Even got a ROM all picked out... ideas?
  4. mtbrion

    mtbrion New Member

    If odin is stuck on SetupConection... am I screwed?!? Please help!
  5. mtbrion

    mtbrion New Member

  6. Galaxysblaze4g

    Galaxysblaze4g New Member

    Hi, I know this is late and maybe nobody will answer but I have the same problem with my galaxy s blaze and I don't really understand what i have to do ... Can you please help me? I will really appreciate that and sorry for my English I only speak Spanish and i'm trying my best with this :( Can you please reply? Thanks :dong:

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