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  1. danprints

    danprints Member

    my huawei asc2 is completly dead, it wont take a charge and it wont turn on, i bought it at cricket 4 months ago, the charge went down and ive only got it to work once and that was to charge to 40% and then it died again and it wont turn on for nothing.
    Ive tried taking battery out for awhile, ive tried taking battery out and plugged charger , it worked for a few times but not now, ive tried connecting a ascend 1 battery to it and it turned on once but it turned off, ive tried holding power button and volume down nothing please help.

  2. Arsenault185

    Arsenault185 New Member

    Will it boot and run fine with no battery in it? If so - then Id say its your battery. You could always re-calibrate it, or take the phone back to cricket and they might replace it.
  3. danprints

    danprints Member

    ah my ascend is caput, i ended up taking it back to the cricket dealer and they said they cant take it back cause of sum scratch on lens, so i ended having to pay for another, bummer

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