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My phone is freaking out !!!!!Support

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  1. lgh1157

    lgh1157 Active Member

    Love the phone . . . . . .

    A few times the screen wont let me swipe down to answer a call.

    Today the screen went crazy and starting moving all over the place, scrolling left and would not allow me to scroll back to home. It has done this a few times.. . . . . . . . . also, my internet has been freezing and i had to restart the phone twice today.

    Has anyone else had these problems ?

    Should i get it swapped out ?

    The phone is great, its fast and as a "phone" it is killer, i just need these small "glitches" taken care of . . . . . . . . . should i reset, or delete all my apps, what are my options ?

    Thanks !


  2. GiveMeItNow

    GiveMeItNow Well-Known Member

    I had The same problem with the scrolling screen and it just going down lists highlighting one thing at a time All the way down. I uninstalled a custom lock screen i put on and some other apps and it hasn't happened again. Im keeping my eye on it, if it happens again i'll swap it out.
    If i was you i would check recently installed apps. Could be causing a problem.
  3. jtb199

    jtb199 Well-Known Member

  4. RetiredUSMC

    RetiredUSMC Active Member

    If your screen is scrolling and moving on its own, your optical joystick may be dirty. Make sure you clean it once in a while. My phone's screen was doing the same thing so I wiped off the optical joystick and it stopped.

    Also was your phone sitting on a table when you tried to swipe down to answer your call? If you aren't holding it in your hand sometimes the touchscreen won't work. Search the forums for the grounding issue.
  5. lgh1157

    lgh1157 Active Member

    ^ i was holding the phone both times.

    I also tried to get a friend to swipe to answer to see if I was the problem, but it didn't work for him either.

    I deleted a few apps to see if it made a difference, i also blew some compressed canned air on the trackball, . . . . . thanks for the tip USMC.


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