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My phone keeps calling numbers after ive hung up from a callSupport

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  1. Davi

    Davi Active Member

    Has anyone any ideas why after ive made a call to someone and hung up, my phone will dial another of my contacts, this happeneds quite a lot and sometimes I dont notice it has happened, not good at 3am when im calling someone who has work in the morning.


  2. r3dpuma

    r3dpuma Well-Known Member

    Happened to me too. Also the screen lock during calls doesnt work properly.
    I keep havin problems with the calls also, i dont hear anything sometimes, i have to plug the headphones and remove them to solve the problem.
    Last night my battery got drained in 5 hours, without being used, i dont know why...many problems lately.
  3. Bomberman

    Bomberman Well-Known Member

    I found that after a call the phone would keep running (not in a call, but the process) and if I didn't kill it it would monster my battery.
    Get hold of 'Spare Parts' - that'll tell you what's using your battery.
  4. r3dpuma

    r3dpuma Well-Known Member

    i dont use spare parts, i use *#*#4636#*#* , its the same thing. But the phone was so drained that i had to charge it while off, and at that time the spare parts resets to the last unplugged time, thus rendering the spare parts useless at that time.
    Anyway i use active monitoring from system panel (i use it for months now so i know its not affecting the battery, and btw it is very usefull), and i looked at the monitor log at that nite and the phone was shown as running at like 50%, the cpu mainily, and looking at the processes running that nite i think i tracked it down to a process from ZeRadio app, that keeps running in the system processes. I unistalled the app. Also i set the overclock at 614 and the cpu sampling on mix in galaxo. Lets see now.

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