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  1. Fatstogey

    Fatstogey Member

    Um my phone keeps turning off by itself. And its really really starting to get annoying. IDK if it was some app or an update. Anyone else having the same issue? its happened twice already today.

    I didnt wanna restart my phone. Plus if i dont know what app caused it how can i be sure i dont download it again?

  2. slugbug

    slugbug Well-Known Member

    Ok. This used to happen to me. Alot. I was going to take my phone back to Sprint. Everyone told me to take the phone back. Guess what it was?

    Battery was not in there securely. Even with a snug case, and the back door "shut", the battery was out of place just enough to make my phone turn off. Several times a day.

    One day it wouldn't come back on no matter what I pressed. So I took the case and door off and that is when I realized my battery just didn't look like it was in there right. It has NEVER happened to be again since I did that battery pull and reset the battery.

    Sounds silly, stupid, whatever, but that is what it was for me. Maybe it will help you, too
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  3. Fatstogey

    Fatstogey Member

    I just did it. So we'll see.
  4. decaffviper17

    decaffviper17 Well-Known Member

    Mine restarted twice today too.
  5. Fatstogey

    Fatstogey Member

    Naw mine wasnt restarting it was turning off.

    But since i reset the battery it hasnt done it yet. Usually it would do it at least once every 24 hours. If not more. Now it hasnt in 32 hours. Dont wanna jinx it but it looks like that was it.
  6. bak1234

    bak1234 New Member

    Well i have a sony ericsson x10 and it does the same thing, but it will be just sitting there and it will turn off and its hard to turn on.
  7. Danjoblin

    Danjoblin New Member

    We are having the same issues. Up to10 times a day. Problem is we are travelling and cant get back to the shop we got it from.
  8. alansmoke

    alansmoke New Member

    I just got an EVO and it keeps restarting did

    the battery pull and restat
  9. tnutall

    tnutall New Member

    I have been having this same issue. :mad:
    I took my phone to the store and they ordered my another one ...... refurbished of course .......... this one shuts off more then the last one.
    I've notice that it shuts off if I tap my finger on the back of the phone or sit it down. It's also starting to shut off while I'm on a call.

    The tech said that there was a known issue with the battery and the CPU shutting down due to usage ...... not sure if its related.
  10. szekerce

    szekerce New Member

    I had the same trouble. My phone turned off several times a day. For a long time. Today I removed the battery, cleaned the phone and the buttery, especially the plastic places, groves, where the two get connected. I didnt clean the contacts and it seems it works. My phone didnt turned off sience than.
  11. amendez950

    amendez950 New Member

  12. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    welcome to the forums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you might want to post your issue in the xperia forum. folks there can help you better then the evo folks here.

    TINASAUR New Member

    How would I reset my battery?
  14. astrodynamix

    astrodynamix New Member

    How do you perform a battery reset?
  15. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

  16. AAtweh

    AAtweh New Member

    I have teh same issus , it restarts every 5 minutes :[
    Any help ?
  17. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    welcome to AF!!!!

    what phone do you have? is it rooted or not? have you tried doing a factory reset?
  18. shatti

    shatti New Member

    Same rebooting/restarting Issue with Xperia Neo Phone, Any solution so far?

    The phone remains normal when it is connected to power...

    Appreciate your help friends...
  19. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    sorry that this is a late reply, but you post is in the wrong section. this is for the original htc evo 4g;)

    you need to start a new thread in the xperia neo forum, but it looks pretty dead there......almost as dead as it is in here as many have moved on to newer devices:(

    if it keeps turning off, why not take it in and see if you can get it serviced? hopefully you have insurance.
  20. Queenxa

    Queenxa New Member

    I have a HTC Desire 510 will it be the same problem? I was working fine the night. B4
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  21. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    Hello there!
    Welcome to AF!
    I've fixed your posts so it looks a bit better, but this is the Evo 4g forum.
    I can move your post into its own thread in the Desire 510 forum here if you want:

    or you can start a new thread there:)

    Let me know, but have you tried a battery pull or perhaps simply a new battery dependent on the age of your current battery;)
  22. Joh Nakashima

    Joh Nakashima New Member

    I had this same problem. I restarted in safe mode and the immediate turning off stopped. I can use phone and internet again. ill probably uninstall and reinstall aoos when I'm near WiFi again.
  23. rhc0728

    rhc0728 New Member

    I also have the same problem and it's super annoying! My phone was working perfectly fine until i charged it and reached 46%. I decided to plugged it off because i have something to do And when I connected to wi fi... boom! It keeps shutting down every minute! Ugh what to do

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