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"My Phone Number" showing as UnknownGeneral

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  1. droidvishnu

    droidvishnu Member

    Device Micromax A87.(rooted/swapped/internal memory increased)
    I have this device but when i go to settings>about phone>status> my phone number shows unknown.
    I have tried the following steps creating my own contact in sim card as well as phone, syncing facebook and other gmail account but nothing worked.
    is there any possible way to do it.
    i hope by fixing this our own picture will display in message thread where its "me"

  2. prasad12ka4

    prasad12ka4 Well-Known Member

    clear data in contact storage

    settings>manage apps>all>contact storage
  3. droidvishnu

    droidvishnu Member

    thank you for replying but method not working:(
  4. jaggifzr

    jaggifzr New Member

    just flash another rom like dark angel or deception

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