My phone thinks I am somewhere else

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  1. bergfurher

    bergfurher Member

    I read some other posts, and my Evo thinks I am in Jefferson? for weather? thats the big clock and weather that is on my front page. I am in St. Louis, and when I try to add a city, any city I add it says no luck, so I am confused how exactly to correct it.

  2. Shawnz

    Shawnz Well-Known Member

    maybe check the 'use GPS' under location in settings, see if it helps. there seems to be some lag in that weather widget updating. I haven't seen how to force it.
  3. drksilenc

    drksilenc Well-Known Member

    if you have gps off and locate by 3g on it will be off of where the nearest 3g tower is
  4. maximus192ad

    maximus192ad Active Member

    I have noticed the 3g location can be off but not usually very far off ... within 1000 yards or so.

    One way to test this is open up google maps (without GPS on). Notice where your location is.

    In google maps it will "bounce" my location around so the center of the "blue" circle appears to bounce from tower to tower to tower of the closest towers to my location. Turning GPS on pinpoints me exactly. Wouldn't really call it a bug ... just what you can expect from location by Cell Tower.

    That being said ... when I am at home my location can be off by 30 miles. It appears as if one of the towers near me is mapped by Google to a different location (30 miles away). I will appear to "bounce" in google maps 30 miles back and forth. Fun to watch but annoying because it shows my location in Weather on my home page as the other location which can have drastically different weather than my location.

    The only other thing I can think of is I have the AIRave (AIRAVE) at my house. Maybe the AIRave is mapped to the wrong location. I haven't tried this with the AIRave off ... maybe I can test that and see if I notice the same behavior.
  5. bergfurher

    bergfurher Member

    Well, if I refresh it sometimes it says st. louis, other it says Jefferson, theres no Jefferson anywhere near me, and I doubt within a 100 miles of St. Louis.
  6. maximus192ad

    maximus192ad Active Member

    I was able to add Saint Louis, MO by typing it out Saint Lo (and then it shows up). I am unable to get it to display as the primary weather location for the Home Page Weather widget ...

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