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My phone will not bootup

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  1. seaner925

    seaner925 New Member

    So I need help. I know just enough about this stuff to get myself into trouble. I rooted the Breakout with SuperOneClick and everything was fine. I froze the update because I couldn't figure out how to get it back to stock state. Well now I can't boot up the phone normally. I am stuck with the

    ANDROID Developer Mode!!!

    screen. I tried installing the fastboot drivers from the BreakoutAllinOnePkg.zip and tried booting up with it plugged into my laptop but no such luck. I know its in debug mode and everything else, I just dont know how to bypass this screen.

  2. newraze

    newraze Active Member

    Take out the battery then put it back in then boot up the phone. Thats at least what worked for me.
  3. seaner925

    seaner925 New Member

    A) the buttons stopped working
    B) it will not hold recovery reflash

    Any tips?

    fyi, anyone that has this problem in the future, try holding volume up, down, camera after powering it up to bypass the screen. I couldn't find that information anywhere.
  4. rainy_68

    rainy_68 New Member

    I know this is an old thread, but my coworker still has this phone and had this problem this morning. I'm the tech person here and am trying to get this fixed for her.

    Wouldn't you know today is the last day of her contract?! Anyway, your solution worked! Like you mentioned, her buttons aren't working that great, but at least the phone booted and she'll be able to take it to Verizon so they can get her contacts ad photos off of it, if they still do that for customers.

    I will see if she has Verizon Backup Assistant or the Verizon Cloud on it to see if it is already backed up. It's just nice to see the screen again. Thanks!

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