My phone wont charge or turn on!

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  1. xoxoDrea11O712

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    Nov 22, 2012
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    This is a lot so please bare with me. Last night I went out and my phone was working just fine. It was fully charged. I went on some go karts and when I got off, my phone wouldn't turn on. I went to the car to put it on the charger to see if it would turn on and it did but it was dead completely. I just left it off and put it away until I got home. I put it on the charger again and then left it charging. It was at one percent. I went to sleep and around 3 a.m., I woke up and it remained on the red. I tried to turn it on again and it finally came on. I let it charge for a little more and the lightning bolt appeared but the green didn't move up like it should. My phone was at eight percent and every time I checked, it either decreased or increased in the range from one to ten percent. Then it reached zero. I tried different outlets, chargers and I even plugged it in from the computer, but still nothing. I also tried taking the battery out and putting it back in but that still didn't work. I sleep with my phone charging.. can the battery be overcharged?
    I wasn't the original owner of the phone.. but it was still new. I have the LG optimus m+.

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    Welcome to the site !!

    Sorry to hear about your issue, I would post this in your device forum to get the proper help and support, I will post a link for you below, if you want me to move your post there so you don't have to repost it, just let me know, cheers.

    [​IMG] LG Optimus M Plus
    Sub-Forums: [​IMG] M Plus - All Things Root
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    Hello xoxoDrea11O712, welcome to AF! Sorry to hear of your phone troubles. Unfortunately, I can't answer them myself, but perhaps if you try your question here:, you may get an answer. Thanks for joining the forums, and good luck!
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    Welcome to the site, xoxoDrea11O712!

    As both Mods, DonB and AntimonyER, have suggested check out the section specific to your device.

    Also, from my experience with riding go-carts, you can really get whipped around in them. Did you have the device in your pocket by chance? Could it have been damaged by the roll-cage? Just a thought.
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    Glad to have ya! :)
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    Welcome to AF! Hope you enjoy your stay here. :cool:

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