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  1. burrito

    burrito Member

    Can somebody please help me with this?
    I crashed it by messing around with one of the apps (I replaced an audio file then rebuilt and signed the app, and then the app crashed after it played the file), and the only way I could turn it off was to take out the battery.
    Now it won't start up again. It gets past the flashing Samsung animation, but then after that I just get a blank screen. The light behind the buttons stays on and I can't turn the phone off without taking out the battery
    I've tried taking the SIM card out and pressing the volume down button, send button, then end button but the same thing happened.
    Is my phone bricked?

  2. burrito

    burrito Member

    Nevermind, I was just doing the hard reset wrong.

    I didn't realize that you have to push those buttons in succession but also hold them down. I was letting go of them before I pushed the next one.

    Sorry for the false alarm.
  3. cloudXnearX

    cloudXnearX New Member

    dude, mine is doing the same crap what exacly did you push???:confused:

    please rply!!!:(:(:(

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