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my phone won't vibrateSupport

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  1. missduckett

    missduckett Member

    ive seen multiple threads about this issue--only with android devices, but all different devices EXCEPT the one i own.

    I have a SAMSUNG GALAXY INDULGE running android 2.2.1.
    After having the phone for a couple of months, the SMS/MMS notification vibration just stopped working. regardless if the phone is on 'silent' or not, the phone will vibrate for other notifications and it vibrates for all phone calls.

    in other threads ive seen 'Missed Call' and 'Sound Manager' as temporary or permanent fixes for this issue on other devices but neither have worked for mine.
    all of the settings in my phone are set so that it should ALWAYS vibrate but it doesn't EVER vibrate for SMS notifications--even when the phone is on 'silent'

    someone PLEASE HELP!!! its been driving me CRAZY!!! i send/receive 1000+ texts/DAY and if i am not looking at my phone when one comes through or just so happen to hear my phone, im always replying to texts super late.

    when i receive a text, the phone feels like it WANTS to vibrate but doesnt actually vibrate--its kinda hard to explain; youd have to physically have the phone in your hand when a message comes through (or have experienced it yourself) to understand...its stupid
    today i was tinkering around again trying to figure this out and reenabled the haptic feedback (which i turned off the day i bought the phone bc i hate it) and THAT doesnt even work anymore unless i long-press or am in the samsung keyboard

  2. Reaper man

    Reaper man Well-Known Member

    >female user complaining about phone not vibrating
  3. missduckett

    missduckett Member

    do you have anything helpful to say???
  4. Reaper man

    Reaper man Well-Known Member

    See if it's enabled in message settings?

    Probably hardware failure though.
  5. missduckett

    missduckett Member

    "all of the settings in my phone are set so that it should ALWAYS vibrate but it doesn't EVER vibrate for SMS notifications--even when the phone is on 'silent'"

    i dont believe its a hardware issue because, as i stated in my original post, it vibrates for everything else its supposed to vibrate for--just not the messages...

    im considering a ROM though, any suggestions?
    if you want to be EXTRA helpful answer this for me...
  6. pl0323

    pl0323 Well-Known Member

    Each program usually has it's own settings, so, if your using a different sms/mms program, check the notification settings in that program.

    That's the issue I was having, hopefully, it may help.
  7. Reaper man

    Reaper man Well-Known Member

    Basix + Electric sheep, in that order.

    1. Some phones, yes. This one? Unless you have a Cricket Indulge, no, not at this time.
    2. Yes.
    3. You can try a different ROM sure, but instructions may call doing it from stock, or another ROM (electric sheep, for example, requires basix). Just read and follow all instructions and you'll be fine.
    4. In theory flash storage can only do so many writes, but you'd have to re flash literally thousands of times in order to reach that limit.
  8. missduckett

    missduckett Member

    youre awesome and i think i love you. thank you. now all i need to figure out is the best ROM to use :/
  9. missduckett

    missduckett Member

    i am not using a 3rd-party app. im using the stock messaging app. and if you read my original post thoroughly i said that i have checked the settings time and time again and i have tried to go through 3rd-party apps which doesnt work either...
  10. raysfan

    raysfan Well-Known Member

    Basix is the only ROM you can use on the Indulge. All ROMs aren't compatible with all phones. If you look in the "All Things Root" guide, found on this site, you will find step by step instructions on how to do so.

    Also, I would advise using it with the Electric Sheep Kernel. They work well together and you will see a huge difference in performance, batter life, among other things.

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