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My PIN isn't working!General

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  1. Sidney808

    Sidney808 Member

    I seriously just made a security code for my phone ten minutes ago. After numerous tries, of what I made it and numbers that I could of hit, it still isnt working! My sister even witnessed me putting the exact code to set it up, and she even tried to unlock it.

    I just got this phone factory resetted to at&t's original today. When I got it back, it was perfectly fine. No problems or anything.

    I do not have a google account on it because I did not use this as my phone yet. I was just going to unlock it for GoPhone and this problem arises when I set up my password.

    I do not know how to bypass this at all, since a factory reset also requires my pin. I know the trick of getting in(the screen timeout) but I would really want my phone back. It this just a temporary thing after you put a new pin? I doubt it... Any tips on what to do? I am NOT tech savvy, if it requires something with computers, I'm going to have to pay over $40 for it.

    Please help. Thankyou.

  2. Sidney808

    Sidney808 Member

    It's not even doing the bypass trick as I think I've been trying it too much times. I have no idea what to do.

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