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  1. Killercy

    Killercy New Member

    I will start this thread by posting my bonus code which is h5n-Oc4 for becoming friends.
    You earn 1 gold coin for each friendship created and 2.5k silver coins. In additiom having may friends help you gather silver coins by vistiting their stations and helping them out but also most importantly asking for Airship items which are required to earn an average amount of 200k.

    You can find your code by going at the Extra option down on the right and then selecting News.

    Have fun all!!

    P.S. My ingame name is George88

  2. Stanlee790109

    Stanlee790109 New Member

    my codes: g273j6

    Thansk you.
  3. dareformore

    dareformore New Member

    My Railway bonus code is h8j-446

    Add me please!
  4. Gunbunny

    Gunbunny New Member

    My code is: k2n-527

    I will check every day
  5. klpd

    klpd New Member

    My code is v4p-1e1 .
    Add me please
  6. Topath

    Topath New Member

    Friend code f5h393
  7. Ferhatt

    Ferhatt New Member

    Hey there!
    My code is k87-4a2
    I'll be waiting your request :)
    See you...
  8. Just4Droid

    Just4Droid New Member

    Hey, nice thread. So this is my code: u0q-196
  9. sofien007

    sofien007 New Member

    Hi everybody, my code is p7a-1v6
    Please add me :)
  10. dksy1979

    dksy1979 New Member

    Pls add... p5t-6r1
  11. Cavemn

    Cavemn New Member

    Add me code : 86x-3a6
  12. MGMx2

    MGMx2 New Member

    I have just requested everyone above me, but here is mine as well

  13. MGMx2

    MGMx2 New Member

    And to pay return the favor, incase you haven't found/used these, I found these earlier today....they each give you 10 gold coins. Go to extras-->bonus codes

  14. zoebeagle

    zoebeagle Member

    Please add my son and myself if you have a chance... will be adding you all twice shortly =)

  15. daste

    daste New Member

    Pls add... h0r-0m5
  16. aeristilheartl

    aeristilheartl New Member

    PLEASE ADD ME TOO!! I added all of you so far :D Love this game:


    BTW: Those 'bonus' codes don't work, tried them all and got 'invalid code' sucks but would really like to find some good ones... all the daily quests require opening things that need coins but they only give you 1 per level! Need to fix that!
  17. jmuMatador

    jmuMatador New Member


    & yea the bonus codes above no longer work
  18. Benherstad

    Benherstad New Member

    playing this game now, and I need some friends! my code is y2a9s9 add me as a friend please!
  19. sadoki

    sadoki New Member

    Add me please q83340
  20. gabematt

    gabematt New Member

    My code is 29g2v9
  21. Mull

    Mull New Member

    Mull Gurr

    Great game, added the last entries (I'm on my computer and it's tiresome to type em all on the phone when I cant copy paste)
    Add me!
  22. Jhildred

    Jhildred New Member

    Here's a BIG TIP! If you use the word "welcome" without quotations before Feb. 22, 2012, you get a bonus!

    Add me if this helped, or just add me anyway!

  23. bwbs14

    bwbs14 New Member

    Add me please:
  24. Vegas19

    Vegas19 Member

    Hi everybody, my code is p1z3q1
    Please add me
  25. pjhab

    pjhab New Member

    plz~ add me!! b44-551

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