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  1. vlc1979

    vlc1979 New Member

    Please add me 66y-533. Thanks!

  2. FunkyWalker

    FunkyWalker New Member

    Add me please, my friend code is:


    Thanks! :D
  3. Bubbab

    Bubbab New Member

    Add me... I play daily

  4. jarnovain

    jarnovain New Member

    Add my code: j02-6u8

  5. snuskenmcnasty

    snuskenmcnasty New Member

    add me.... 59j 8h6
  6. wozzat

    wozzat New Member

    Add me plz k4d168 thanks
  7. JIBBA

    JIBBA New Member

    a89026 THANKS!
  8. ceda

    ceda New Member

    loving this game......please add me..........43t-917 and 84j-541
  9. ceda

    ceda New Member

    loving this game, please add me, thanks....43t-917 and 84j-541.
  10. Jhildred

    Jhildred New Member

    Here's a BIG TIP! If you use the word "welcome" without quotations before Feb. 22, 2012, you get a bonus!

    Add me if this helped, or just add me anyway!

  11. Zasso

    Zasso New Member

    'lo, add me at 45x-7j9
    added everyone above

    ohw and thanks for the welcome tip, it worked:)
  12. MelissaAnn86

    MelissaAnn86 New Member

    Add me plz, im a frequent visitor! 23x1h6
    Thanks, and look fwd to seeing you on the tracks! :)
  13. Juha76

    Juha76 New Member

    My code is: h6h-071

    I will check every day
  14. premmj

    premmj New Member

    Playing every day .... please add me: t65-1p8
    answered already a lot of requests
  15. Keriissii

    Keriissii New Member

  16. yyoorreell

    yyoorreell New Member

    yyoorreell add me :)

  17. fujifotoguy

    fujifotoguy New Member

    And me up folks, I love the game and play frequently! I 367-9h9
  18. Aaamaanda

    Aaamaanda New Member

    thnx for the welcome and plz
    add me:
  19. skittlesshady

    skittlesshady New Member

    add me...
    my code is

  20. Pooooom

    Pooooom New Member

    Plz add me...

    Mycode is f8b-5i5

  21. Pirate LeChuck

    Pirate LeChuck New Member

    Easy add -- no shifting -- thanks! -- 419-366
  22. lee harris

    lee harris New Member

    please add me s5f3e4;)
  23. rhinomeister

    rhinomeister New Member

    Add me I'm on daily, w13-639... see you soon :)
  24. kaotix77

    kaotix77 New Member

    Add 30k-266 (Al Kaopone) I'm on daily and always available for airship support.

    Please no longer add me. Thanks for all your invites, ballast and airship acceptance. I'm about to quit though, all rails have been golden for a while, all trains maxed to Mammoth, got the clown train, one Rocket and a bunch of crop circles and mazes (mazes got removed now it seems wtf).
    All I can do is wait for gold coins to add up to fully improve the remaining 11 cities. All in all I loved this game, but it's no fun anymore unfortunately.

    I'm gonna remove all my friends now so no one will ask for things in vain. Take care!
  25. brandonscott70

    brandonscott70 New Member

    Added all of the above, please add me!



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