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  1. djcasteel

    djcasteel New Member

    I am new to the game and could sure use the help.
    Please add me! I'm here everyday..


    Thank you,

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  2. Crispy_Boi

    Crispy_Boi New Member

    please add me


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  3. greenlands

    greenlands New Member

  4. dezoludek

    dezoludek New Member

    Plz add me :) p88-5i1
  5. d99d

    d99d New Member

    hello, my code is
    My name is d99d
  6. Seifyk

    Seifyk New Member

    My code is n6g428
    In game name is Lyndsae
  7. Appleshowers

    Appleshowers New Member

    ‎My code is 622-875

    I'm a regular player and accept all requests pretty quickly :)
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  8. lifestreamer

    lifestreamer New Member

    Add me please: c2a-4f9

    I am very active player, playing all the day and accepting all requests very fast :)
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  9. mazgier

    mazgier New Member

    Add me please :) 26d-2w3
    My game name is Mort.
  10. Mannav3v

    Mannav3v New Member

    plz add me , i am a new hand !!!:)
    my id : y7y-4c0

    thank you all , i will add u soon ^^
  11. sunnshine01jt

    sunnshine01jt New Member

    Thanks this still worked for me on March 7th
  12. sunnshine01jt

    sunnshine01jt New Member

    PLease add me c167p6

  13. nillagorilla

    nillagorilla New Member

    15u 7t0 play hourly
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  14. vlado123

    vlado123 New Member

    please add me. d8q-312 (vlado)
  15. caterhamalex

    caterhamalex New Member


  16. kkretsch

    kkretsch New Member

    I just started playing this week. My code game id is 996-1g3. My in game name is Casey Jones. Still trying to learn the ropes.
  17. hellboycf

    hellboycf New Member

    I check regularly ADD: x5g-9y5
  18. victordinescu

    victordinescu New Member

    my code is: q9i-4g0
    thak you and please add me!
  19. struts

    struts New Member

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the game and understand I need friends to advance. Please add me!!!


  20. russ81

    russ81 New Member

    My code is u0i-7z6

    Please add me.
    Nice one.
  21. mgreslick

    mgreslick New Member

    Add me! Thanks in advance

  22. brokentank

    brokentank New Member

    My code is: y2d-657

    I'll check every day.
  23. hellboycf

    hellboycf New Member

    I check regularly ADD: x5g-9y5
  24. kray220

    kray220 New Member

    Add me! I play everyday! n7m-0z1
  25. carlos555

    carlos555 New Member

    c52-870 thx

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