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  1. Azqwerty

    Azqwerty New Member

    Mine is z6r-9d0, ty for adding me, trying to add most of people before me.

  2. Jockeden

    Jockeden New Member

  3. WudeTone

    WudeTone New Member

    Please add me, my ID is 99g-4w7.
  4. RSO

    RSO New Member

    Add me ~~~

  5. RSO

    RSO New Member

    Add me ~~~

  6. Kresso

    Kresso New Member

    i check regulary, please add me: j09-841
  7. Mike40Larc

    Mike40Larc New Member

    I am actively playing as of the 14th of March 2012. I will respond to a friend code request within 12 hours (because I am addicted to this stupid game).

    Please send requests to


    Thank You in advance.
  8. FuriousRage

    FuriousRage New Member

    My code for this game: w1y-6h4
  9. lostinlimbo

    lostinlimbo Member

    Add me please.on and off all day.40h-8j8 i need air ship help hard to find playets that are on.
  10. Dude24

    Dude24 New Member

    Please add 8156g7, cheers :)
  11. mathan007

    mathan007 New Member

    pls add me...
    i accept ur request pretty quick...
    j9g7u0 is ma code...
  12. boy4wildgirls

    boy4wildgirls New Member

    On daily, add me=), j21-1q4
  13. delore

    delore New Member

    Please add me ;-)
  14. mega pack

    mega pack New Member

    Add me please.
    I'm on almost 24/7, will accept everybody
    My id x17-5j6
  15. allgrit

    allgrit New Member

    please add a6e-6a2
  16. lostinlimbo

    lostinlimbo Member

    Add me please i play daily...74k-462..thanks
  17. thaolakinh

    thaolakinh New Member

  18. boy4wildgirls

    boy4wildgirls New Member

    add my little brother and I
  19. cford2003

    cford2003 New Member

    Please add. My code is 591-5i9 very active player, on every day. Thanks
  20. TPaiva

    TPaiva New Member

    Add me .. f3t9q9
  21. vennemanm

    vennemanm New Member

    Please add me: e9r918
  22. cheinek

    cheinek New Member

    If you get a moment add me please.


    :D Thanks and lets get to gettin'!
  23. mindegyki

    mindegyki New Member


  24. Kresso

    Kresso New Member

    u have to enter the code in friends "add friend" window, not the "bonus code"
  25. armoteam

    armoteam New Member


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