My review of SPRINT? Terrible! (S3 related)

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  1. steveu694

    steveu694 Well-Known Member

    This is going to be a rant because I feel like I got jipped on my S3 for Sprint, both data and calling.

    On June 6th, I pre-ordered this awesome phone. I knew that LTE was in the works, but decided to get it anyway on Sprint because you just can't beat their unlimited data and prices, IMO. I knew it would only be 3G capable for a while because the LTE towers were being processed.

    On June 21st I got it. I always use wifi at home, so I hooked it up and had endless hours sitting on the couch drinking beer learning my new device. I had previously owned the EVO 3D. I had done a lot of reading and noticed where I live (Houston) the LTE towers would be turned on July 15th. So a couple weeks went by and I saw someone on here had LTE in Kansas as that was another area to get LTE when we would. On July 14th, I switched to LTE on my phone and the 4G appeared. I was really excited. When I went a few miles away from the shopping center I was in with 4G, 3G came back on. The next day I had 4G only on my 20 min ride to work. No 4G at work and I am about 12 miles from downtown Houston.

    I have an hour lunch break at work where I used to ALWAYS mess with my EVO - going from youtube to facebook, texting, internet, downloading apps... I did it all because an hour for lunch can be boring. The rest of that week I did NOT have 4G anywhere. A guy I work with had just gotten one on July 1st and he was getting as aggrivated as me. I called Sprint customer service. They said there was an LTE tower not far from my work and that now, the 4G was just basic and not LTE until at least August 15th. I told her the 4G is so scarce I can almost never use it. It's hit or miss when I'm out of the house. She couldn't give me an answer why.

    Then I started looking online for a map of 4g LTE coverage for Sprint and when I saw the estimate for mid 2013 my jaw dropped. It was horrible.

    I kept remembering the commercials for Verizon and AT&T for LTE, LTE, LTE. In the back of my head I knew I made the wrong choice by staying with Sprint, but I didn't want to accept that or say it out loud.

    2 more weeks went by and my honest conclusion is that this phone for Sprint is virtually UNUSABLE. Even the phone signal is very poor unless you're in a happening spot of town. In my apartment I would get 0-1 bars. I could barely send texts, and when people would call me at home I felt I couldn't even use it. At work I had 0-1 bars, sometimes 2 or 3. I've gotten more rejected txt messages in the last month than I could ever think was possible. My EVO never did this.

    The data is terrible. 4G LTE is non existant (at least not now or anytime soon). 4G is so patchy it may as well not even turn on. And the 3G is just a plain joke. There were times when it would take minutes to load a page instead of seconds. Sometimes, the pages would never even load period because 3G wasn't even working!

    I am not waiting around another year for the LTE. By then, newer phones will be out. And why am I paying 10 a month for data now? I don't even have data capabilities almost!

    Shame on Sprint for bringing out 4G LTE phones MONTHS before their sh*t was together. At least try to have them work with WIMAX in the meatime or something! The S3 for Sprint should be compared to a Ferrari without any gas in it. It's cool to look at, but doesn't have what it takes to run.

    After all that grief I decided this past Friday I was ultimately FED-UP!

    I went out yesterday morning to AT&T, signed up and took home a REAL 4G LTE S3. I played with it at the store and the speeds are crazy fast. I saw a speed test on youtube of two S3's - one on Verizon and one for AT&T. They did 3 tests. AT&T won every time. Like I said, I just renewed last month and STILL left. Huge cancellation fee and all - that's how horrible it was.

    Sure - I'm paying more a month, but I'm paying for great service now.

    Thanks for reading.

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  2. Metfanant

    Metfanant Well-Known Member

    so...why is your review of the S3 terrible?...its not Samsung, or the S3's fault that Sprint doesn't have their act together...
  3. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Indeed. I think the title is misleading.
  4. Joshieca

    Joshieca Well-Known Member

    You get what you pay for. Sprint's network sucks, their coverage sucks, but their prices rule, you knew that....if you want data at speeds the S3 can deliver switch to AT&T or VZW and then pay for it, otherwise wait it out until Sprint gets their LTE act together.
  5. steveu694

    steveu694 Well-Known Member

    I did switch. I went to at&t. I work with 2 guys who have tmobile. Everyday they talked shit for me not having 4g. Yeah, tmobile sucks too. Got tired of listening to them. This is coming from 2 ******s that don't even know what the "G" stands for. Leaving sprint turned out to be a no brainer.....
  6. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    We dont even have 4Grandma in the UK.
  7. steveu694

    steveu694 Well-Known Member

    I know, but don't you guys have something just as fast? Called "H"?
  8. bearballz

    bearballz Well-Known Member

    Yeah I had the Evo 4G LTE which I returned for various issues and got the S3. It certainly isn't either phones fault but Sprints lackluster 3G speeds and voice issues due to the LTE upgrade.

    As a Sprint customer myself all I can say is you're certainly not alone when comes to these issues. Glad you jumped ship to AT&T.

    Areas of Chicago and the 'burbs are supposed to be up between September and December of this year so hopefully not too much longer for me.
  9. steveu694

    steveu694 Well-Known Member

    Haha what part of "I signed up with at&t yesterday" didn't you understand?
  10. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    yeah sprint sucks, glad you found a batter carrier and hopefully you got your money back for the phone.
  11. steveu694

    steveu694 Well-Known Member

    I didn't get my money back. They have a 14 day Window. I was at day 37. I called and asked, but no bueno. It worked out though... I listed my sprint gs3 on ebay last night... Buy it now for $390. It sold in 15 minutes.
  12. steveu694

    steveu694 Well-Known Member

    So far at&t is King, Imo....
  13. bearballz

    bearballz Well-Known Member

    Sorry about that. I read your post and revised my response. Must of read it while I was revising it.:D
  14. CrimsonPride

    CrimsonPride Well-Known Member

    title very misleading, should be "My review of Sprint"
  15. steveu694

    steveu694 Well-Known Member

    To me, waiting it out a couple of weeks was excusable... But a couple months? December for you? That really sucks, man.
  16. bearballz

    bearballz Well-Known Member

    Well I know we're going off topic here but jut let me say this. Sprint is definitely having it's issues right now, not disputing that at all. As of now they deserve every zing and criticism. I was a long time AT&T customer and jumped to Sprint a couple years back because of a lower bill, unlimted data and fairly reliable and fast Wimax network. Also because I was dropping calls like crazy on AT&T.

    I was also on AT&T when they were starting to roll out their LTE network and people were going through the same issues and b*tching like crazy like Sprint customers are now (I'm one of them) and jumping ship to Verizon, Sprint or T-mobile.

    So let's compare notes again this time next year and see where Sprint is at then. Some people have terrible service others aren't having issues at all. Really depends on where you live and work. At work I have pretty good 3G speeds and voice connection, at home a complete 180.

    For the record try using AT&T LTE or making a call in downtown Chicago during a typical work day and you'll find it isn't exactly the superior network it's cracked up to be. Just saying from experience......
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  17. steveu694

    steveu694 Well-Known Member

    Good point. I'm just not gonna wait a year and not be able to use this awesome phone....
  18. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    its true that at the end of the day it all depends on your location. sprint will get better so i should edit my post to say they suck "NOW".

    im on metroPCS and the s3 is supposedly coming to metro sometime in Q4 and metro will be spending its Q2 profits on improving their 4G network for next year. where i live metro is golden. never a dropped call and 4G is around 3 to 4mbps. a 3rd of the speed of the big boys but a 3rd of the price and its more than enough to handle the web with no problem.
  19. steveu694

    steveu694 Well-Known Member

    At&t was clocked at doing avg of 30 mbps. That's 10x as fast and the bill is $35 more a month. Verizon did 15mbps.
  20. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    depends on your location. verizon is faster than ATT where i live and metroPCS is faster than sprint in my location as well.
  21. steveu694

    steveu694 Well-Known Member

    True. But both tests were on LTE networks.
  22. bearballz

    bearballz Well-Known Member

    I totally agree with you! If you're not satisfied with Sprints service you should absolutely jump to another network, you shouldn't have to put up with that. If someone were to ask me what I think of Sprint's service right now because they were thinking about jumping over to Sprint?

    I would tell them it's sub par to put it mildly and do their homework because there's a darn good chance they may be very disppointed with it. Their network is going through some major growing pains with this LTE build out, and it will take a while for them to get everything sorted out.

    I wish they could just snap their fingers and LTE would light up and all these issues would go away, but unfortunetly that won't happen. For me the service is barely good enough where I can hopefully ride it out for a couple more months. If not, I'll be right with you and sell my SIII, pay the ETF and jump to whichever network I want.

    But I'm also being optomistic at the prospect that within the next 2-3 months I'll have a functioning fast LTE network in my town, great voice connection, unlimted data, and a lower bill.

    If you look at their NV upgrade schedule, not every town is going to be up and running by the end of the year, which is unfortunate. So people should really consider whether or not it's worth it staying with Sprint or jumping over to ATT or Verizon. Yeah it's a gamble, but one I'm willing to take. :confused:
  23. boomerbubba

    boomerbubba Well-Known Member

    This thread is not really a review of the Sprint GS3, but of the state of the Sprint network, specifically the LTE rollout in Houston.

    If a user is not in an area scheduled to get the LTE upgrades relatively soon, it is perfectly rational to jump to another carrier. But this particular user is in an area (Houston) at the top of the list. He just could not wait until the network buildout was more complete. (Sprint "launched" these cities two weeks ago with only a small fraction of the full tower coverage they are scheduled to get within a few months.) Also, he did not wait to test the latest OTA update to the handset, which is designed to correct a flaw in the LTE threshold settings (on several other Sprint phones, too) that apparently was magnifying the problems caused by the thin LTE tower coverage. Early anecdotal reports from the GS3 OTA rollout, now underway, are positive.

    I am pretty confident Sprint will end up with a great network as its Network Vision total rebuild completes nationwide over the next 18 months or more. It's all a matter of timing, patience, location and making rational consumer choices. IMHO, buying this phone on contract then ditching the carrier and paying the hefty ETF, instead of giving the updates a chance, was not the most rational choice. Cancelling within the 14-day trial period might have been. I am about to start a 14-day trial of a Sprint GS3, and I will make a point of testing the LTE network as fully as I can within that period.
  24. treb1797

    treb1797 Well-Known Member

    Why doesn't the OP go in & edit the title ?
  25. steveu694

    steveu694 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, test out Sprints terrible service and then call me a liar. I paid $350 to leave them. That's how terrible it was. It's unusable. See for yourself..... Buddy

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