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My Review of the Samsung Galaxy Admire 4GGeneral

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  1. Toonseller

    Toonseller New Member

    Okay so, I am not new to this forum, but i felt the need to make an account and denounce the copy pasta that has been circulating about this new phone.

    This is the Copy Pasta found on many Review Websites about this Phone;
    "The only thing worse than the call quality is Metro PCS's "customer service." I tried to use this phone to start a contract with Metro but after many attempts trying to call them (while in the middle of a city that is supposed to have excellent coverage) I could not activate the phone. The calls were either to broken up to hear the person or the volume (even turned all the way up) was to low for me to hear the other person and they could barely hear me. To make matters worse Metro has no exchange policy. I discovered this after being sent to their corporate store to be talked down to by the manager where they sent me to the web address that was on the receipt of my online order. That website did not exist either. I finally I was allowed to talk to their internet department who told me there was no exchange policy but they would have a customer service agent call me back. After 3 days they have not even done this. In summary stay away from Metro but more importantly don't waste your money on this phone! Samsung should be ashamed they normally put out quality products"

    About me: My first smartphone was the Samsung Admire, I rooted this phone and enjoyed it and was looking for something with a little more speed.

    Review: This phone gets poor reviews from people who don't understand Metro PCs and/or affordable phones.

    Samsung Admire Specs (???MB of RAM)
    Samsung Galaxy Admire Specs (512MB of RAM)

    This phone is faster than the Samsung Admire, having a 1000MHz processor compared to the 800Mhz processor of the original Admire. (along with 1.38GB of internal RAM)

    The Battery Life on this phone is comparable to the Galaxy S3, seeing as though they share the exact same battery, which lasts much longer than the original Admire.

    4G Speeds, for me, I used to get about 500kbps now im up to 3000kbps
    Screen/Resolution/Gorilla Glass/etc...

    Cons: Now this is a touchy subject for me, because, compared to the old Samsung Admire, i cannot complain, however:

    Metro PCs Service is Metro PCs service, im enjoing the 3000kbps, ill leave it at that

    Call Quality, now this is where the copy pasta becomes evident, however, this is not so much as a con, the call quality is the EXACT SAME AS THE SAMSUNG ADMIRE, if you enjoy your admire, you'll love this phone.

    Please, let me stress, the CALL QUALITY of this phone does not deserve a .5/5 stars. It sounds like a Samsung Admire with metropcs service, it seems as if they simply took the speaker from the Samsung Admire (samsung original) and droped it into the Samesung Galaxy Admire 4G.

    I would suggest this phone as an UPGRADE for people who have the Samsung Admire, or for people who find their phones to be slow, along with their speeds on Metro PCs to be slow, I find the 4G to be WORTH IT. Seeing as though i personally went from 500kbps on average to 3000kbps, I enjoy the speed increase. As an upgrade from the original admire, your looking at extra 200MHz processor and a gig more of internal storage, which is very much noticeable, on top of the higher speeds of 4G. Feel free to post your reviews and/or comments on this phone below, please no flame/troll/etc posts.

    One more thing, I forgot to state how nice this phone looks, its a cross between the Iphone and the original Admire, merging the best aspects of each phone into this brand new Admire.

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  2. Toonseller

    Toonseller New Member

    Unrelated, competition for this phone would be the Samsung Galaxy Attain 4g (Both priced at ~129.99$-160$)

    Comparing the Samsung Galaxy Attain to the Samsung Galaxy Admire;
    Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G vs Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G - Phone specs comparison

    Samsung Galaxy Attain Advantage: 512 MB of RAM and a graphics processor, compared to the 380 MB of RAM of the Admire

    Samsung Galaxy Admire Advantage: 1.38 GB of internal storage as well as a better looking phone (in my opinion)

    Just thought i'd share this last piece of information.
  3. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for this. I'm wondering how the battery life is, in actual use. So, it does have the 2100 mah battery? The specs all say it will have about 3 hours talk time; that just doesn't seem right to me, with a 2100 mah battery. Have you had it for a few days to be able to give info about the battery life? Screen shots of the battery usage would be great. Thanks for any info.
  4. pcwebiz

    pcwebiz Active Member

    Having been a Samsung Admire user I bought the Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G today. It was on sale for $129.00 and the store charged me an upgrade fee of $15.00. Programming I could have easily done myself. My plan went from the $40 3G plan to the $55.00 4G plan and I bought the insurance for another $5.00. So now I have an extra $20 a month going out on my bill and the phone that was on sale really was not a deal after the upgrade fee.

    I have a pretty phone with a nice crisp display. I'm not impressed.
  5. Toonseller

    Toonseller New Member

    For me, the 4G plan is only 30$ a month, they where running some special, should see if you can get that plan? I also payed 129$ for the phone.
  6. InitialD3x

    InitialD3x Member

    My attain only has 380 mb of RAM
  7. Toonseller

    Toonseller New Member

    Yeah sorry, I ment to state that both have 512MB of RAM, of which 380MB is free to use

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