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my root experience

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  1. stormishelley

    stormishelley Active Member

    i have my proclaim rooted, and since rooting i've made some changes that have increased my battery life and performance.

    right now, i am using no-frills CPU control with the following values:
    Max clock 1.0 ghz
    Min clock 1.0 ghz
    Governor Performance
    I/O Sched noop

    i used quadrant to benchmark and found that the "noop" scheduler provides the best results for i/o and CPU performance. contrary to popular belief, running your droid at max clock all the time will not cause the battery performance to degrade, it will actually improve it -- the CPU is not wasting clock cycles monitoring load and adjusting it's speed so you'll notice a more snappy response from your droid.

    the battery improvement stems from the fact that at the higher clock speed, the CPU finishes tasks more quickly and then goes back to sleep. a 1ghz CPU in sleep mode and a 100mhz CPU in sleep mode use the same amount of power... they're both asleep and not processing. you'll also notice smoother performance because the phone won't have to waste clock cycles adjusting its speed. you may notice a slight lag when you first start scrolling or doing something like that, this is the lag while the CPU is ramping up.

    yesterday i took my phone off the charger at 100% and left for the day. with moderate internet browsing, moderate to heavy texting, and some music playback, when i got home 12 hours later, my battery was only at 75%, which i think is quite good. that's including about 2 hours screen time @ 30% brightness.

    performance and battery life also improved after i removed every unnecessary service and software package i could find. i backed up and removed the following items:

    Analog Dual Clock
    Analog Clock3
    Blue Sea
    Bluetooth share (i don't use bluetooth and never plan to, don't remove this if you do)
    Bluetooth Test (i don't use bluetooth and never plan to, don't remove this if you do)
    BrcmBluetoothServices (i don't use bluetooth and never plan to, don't remove this if you do)
    Browser (don't remove unless you have another browser installed)
    Car Cradle
    Digital clock
    Digital Dual Clock
    DRM content (i don't have any DRM'd music and have no problems with music/notifications/ringtone playback, don't remove if you have DRM music)
    Email (i only use gmail, this is pointless)
    Factory Test
    Gallery (i use quickpic instead)
    Google backup transport
    Google calendar sync
    Google Contacts sync
    Google play books
    Google Play music
    Home screen tips (if you're rooted, you probably don't need tips on how to use your phone)
    HTML viewer
    KeyboardCountUpSlider (counts how many times the slide is opened, this phone isn't even a slider, so pointless...)
    Live Wallpapers picker
    Market Feedback Agent
    My files (i use root explorer instead)
    My uploads (for u/l to youtube, i don't use it)
    Network Location
    OPP (i don't use bluetooth and never plan to, don't remove this if you do)
    Pico TTS
    Program Monitor
    Search Applications Provider
    Slef Test Mode
    Service Mode
    Setup Wizard
    SNS (more social networking crap)
    SNSaccount (more social networking)
    Sound Player
    Stealth functionality test
    TTS Service
    TwLauncher (don't remove unless you have another launcher installed, i recommend holo launcher)
    Unable to play. No available licence (idk wtf this is, but they didn't even spell license correctly...)
    Voice Dialer
    Voice Search
    Wi-Fi Sharing
    Wi-Fi Sharing Manager

    if you don't know what it is or if you need it, don't remove it!!! and of course, always backup with titanium backup first, just in case. if you want more information about any of these services, feel free to ask and i can elaborate or clarify for you.

    i haven't noticed any issues with this configuration -- phone, sms/mms, 3g, wi-fi, etc. are all working and i've had no FCs, not a single one. YMMV, but i spent a lot of time researching these components and what they're used for, and i spent days removing and testing them before making this post, so i'm fairly sure this is a good, stripped down, stable, performance-minded configuration.

    questions and comments are welcome, and again, i will gladly elaborate or clarify if you need any questions answered.

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  2. stormishelley

    stormishelley Active Member

    I forgot to mention, i also recalibrated the battery as well.. there are several apps in the market to do this, and i'd highly recommend it after rooting.
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  3. mcbecker56

    mcbecker56 Member

    Awesome, thanks man, just what I have been looking for. Have you had any problems since this post? Any other tips you can give me? Its my first droid..so anything helps.
  4. mcbecker56

    mcbecker56 Member

    Also, how much space did this free up? Btw, is there any way to unroot my proclaim if need be? I don't have any custom roms or anything. Thanks.
  5. stormishelley

    stormishelley Active Member

    No problems since. Im not sure exactly how much space was freed since ive installed things since then but it was a considerable amount. there should be an option in the superuser program to unroot.
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  6. mcbecker56

    mcbecker56 Member

    Thanks. Not to keep bugging you, but what about OTA updates? Will I need to unroot? Or since I am still running stock will I be all set? I have read that it can brick your phone if you are rooted and try updating.
  7. marchyman05

    marchyman05 New Member

    Hi stormishelley,
    You've obviously invested a tremendous amount of time and effort into documenting your work and accomplishments with the Proclaim. Thank you for your willingness to share that information so generously!!
    Now to my question: How DID you root the Proclaim? I have not found anything describing the process.. I did find lots of articles saying "It can't be done yet".

    Thanks again
  8. mcbecker56

    mcbecker56 Member

  9. marchyman05

    marchyman05 New Member

    Thanks for the info mbecker56. I'll probably give it a shot this weekend and report back. Thanks again.
  10. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    heyo just stopping in to disspell some myths in here

    incorrect, the cpu does monitor usage but not to the extent you claim, battery life is also VERY much affected by this. here is a frequency table off the motorola photon q, you can see the areas in red where ive highlighted.. thats the voltages as you can see the lowest runs at a MUCH lower rate than the highest. ergo you burn much more battery. on top of that just purely setting your device to performance maxes out your cpu, no need to change the min/max etc

    This is good advice honestly, all too often people flip out " WTF i rmeoved phone.apk and now i cant make or get calls?!!?!? HALP FIX IT!!"
  11. ndowens

    ndowens Member

  12. jrock77

    jrock77 New Member

    Thanks for the root start...So far I have Superuser installed..The video helped by reviewing over.
  13. grandamle91

    grandamle91 Well-Known Member

    I did just what you did but now my play won't open.
  14. graceann07

    graceann07 New Member

    i found a fix for this problem. download Rom Manager from the store using your browser and going to google play. install the program and scroll to the bottom. there u will see "fix permissions". click on that then after its done doing its thing just uninstall the program because it wont work till they come up with a custom rom and Clockwork recovery mod....sure wish they would hurry up . this phone isnt too bad.

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