My S3 is resetting and freezing - fix or warranty? (i have tried a few things advice needed)Support

  1. Galaxy44

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    I'm looking to get a bit of advice

    My S3 is resetting and freezing - do I try to fix or send off for warranty?
    History of the problem:
    I have an S3 i updated it about a month ago using KIES.(its 4.1.2 i900BUELL1)
    it was rooted with CF rooter before
    but after i updated i used CF-Auto-Root

    I kept getting - "android is updating" every time i booted after this update.

    and at some point over that last while it the phone freezes.. and a lot of the times the phone restarts and asks me for my SIM PIN.

    to fix the restart problem I backed up with

    • Titanium Backup
    • Orange Backup
    • MY Backup Pro
    • Super Backup SMS contacts


    then did a power home down vol reset


    After the reset i tried to restore settings but had a few problems

    1 - My backup pro says "ALL apps and data or data" i assumed ALL was eveything - it wasnt. so i have only backup up apps data and photos no system settings. (its a bit badly worded if you ask me :( ) and i could not restore these backups

    2 I cant seem to restore the backup made in Orange backup - in the folder "Clockworkmod" . The Orange backup program sees it ..and asks if i want to reboot to install it... but none of the tiny menu options work to restore this backup..
    How do i restore this backup?
    Is there a way to verify it is a complete backup? (the phone was switching off lots of attempts to back it up)

    3 Titanium backup got all my app data so i restored a few things

    4 Super Backup was super - Although it made my photos for contacts really small and lo res.


    I did triangle away 1.5.1 and it says remove but flash count stays at 1 every time i check. now i am trying 2.75 .. (i am only concerned about this status if i warranty the phone)


    After all this the phone still freezes and resets
    (although android is updating has stopped happening when i boot)

    I feel I have 2 paths:

    1. try and get it working
    2. send it off to warranty (un-rooted and triangle away)(how do i do this?)


    Q1 how can i backup and restore with the Orange backup clockwork mod. i can do the backup but what do i select when i goes to the boot menu? I have left it in the Clockworkmod folder.

    Q2 How do restore from My backup pro - i tried loads of different things and putting the backups in different folders - but it just refused to see them.?

    Q3 How do I backup my phone contacts with large pictures? - I know google backs some stuff up - but i try and keep my emails and phone separate - in my life they are 2 different things. but if that the only way i may to go for it.

    Q4 If I am sending off to warranty How do I
    - cover my root tracks - how long does samsung warranty take - are there any pitfalls?

    Q5 any other ideas on what to do to fix this?

    I just want to be enjoying my phone - its a real pain its turning off all the while. - I'm concerned there might be an emergency that i miss.

    Any help or advice would be really welcomed?

    Cheers in advance

  2. silentwitness

    silentwitness Well-Known Member

    Q1 and Q2 sorry have no idea never used either of the apps.

    Q3 - try selecting the option for export contacts to memory card it will create a single vcf file with all ure contacts in it

    Q4 - i was having hanging issues also and simply ran triangle away and flashed 4.1.2 on it via odin and sent it for warranty.

    Q5 - Best option would be to try and reset the counter using triangle away and flash 4.1.1 which if it hangs again should kill the phone off completely then get it replaces/repaired cause as is if you give it all they will do is re flash the firmware unless it hangs when it is with them.

    Also if it hangs you need to wait for about 5 to 25 mins it will un hang as long as you wait every time and do not restart the hanging should become less there is an app that will write to ure internal memory which would cause the phone to hang, people have had great success with running this app about 2 to 3 times and waiting for the phone to freeze and un freeze and say their freezing issues have become less. Look below Post no 172. Best of luck.
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  4. Galaxy44

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    Dummy file generator about 20 times
    . And 20 hangs while generator was running.

    3 days No hangs.

    Dummy file generator has fixed this for now.

    Many Thanks

    I had to rest my finger on the screen to stop phone going into standby.
    Because the dummy generator stops in phone standby.
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  5. silentwitness

    silentwitness Well-Known Member

    Cool glad it worked out for you. Would have been easier to change the screen time out to ten minutes instead of resting finger on screen. :)
  6. Galaxy44

    Galaxy44 Active Member

    Yes I realise now lol.

    It was like reasuring my sick phone. Lol

    Thanks again for the the tip.
  7. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Did you say "there there" to it? ;)
  8. Galaxy44

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  9. harishkunal

    harishkunal Member

    I just need help regarding how to use the dummy file generator.

    Should I choose "Internal Memory" or "Internal SD"?

    Also, I read that if I have 8 GB free memory then I must enter 16 GB as the dummy files. But there is only one field to enter the value and that's in "byte".

    So, can you please help me go about this?

    Thanks a lot..
  10. Galaxy44

    Galaxy44 Active Member

    i forget

    which option internal i think. you cant go wrong

    just fill it up with dummy data
    and delete 20 times no need to set an amount

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  11. harishkunal

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    So, I must fill with dummy data and then delete it? I should repeat this process 20 times?
  12. Galaxy44

    Galaxy44 Active Member

    Then off the screen going to sleep. Dummy app will stop otherwise. Our just tap phone screen.
    Watch tv
    Fill with dummy data.
    When freeze wait (I forget 10 mins or something)
    I'd longer freeze remove battery reset.

    Do it a lot.

    Remove loads of stuff off phone before you do it.

    It fixes it.

    I have had zero freezes.
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  13. harishkunal

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    I had a tough time understanding this process.

    So, just correct me if I'm wrong here.

    1) Install the app.
    2) Generate (Full) on Internal Memory.
    3) The screen should be on the whole time cos the app will stop otherwise.
    4) Delete the dummy files.
    5) Repeat the process for about 20 times

    Is this correct?
  14. Galaxy44

    Galaxy44 Active Member


    And remove loads stuff from the phone storage first too.
    Like music etc.
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  15. harishkunal

    harishkunal Member


    I have about 10.62 GB free in my internal memory.

    I hope this works for me.
  16. Galaxy44

    Galaxy44 Active Member

    Also let the phone freeze 5-35mins

    That's what is fixing it.
  17. harishkunal

    harishkunal Member

    Is it so?

    Thanks again..

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