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my safe mode fiasco!

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  1. MrMan

    MrMan Member

    i just got the 2.1 update this morning and was cleaning up a few unused apps and i came across launcher. I couldn't believe I still had it on here (been using sweeterhome) and so i remembered i had to go into safe mode to remove it. Tried to get into safe mode no luck. thought, ok, i'm missing a step or something. looked up the directions to make sure i was doing each step correctly and still nothing!
    i've held the power button and the menu button (keyboard) down at the same time until i saw the eye, until after the haptic then major vibration. i tried holding the menu and power, then releasing the power while still holding menu until both things i just stated and still nothing!
    what is happening is after I hold the buttons until after the vibration one of two things happens,
    it will go back to the screen that spells out droid then the eye or it will load normally, no safe mode on the screen.
    i read somewhere doing a google search that someone else had this same experience and asked for help and no one replied.
    i hope someone can help me out here, i really want to get launcher off of here, and maybe a few other apps.

  2. XtremeAaron

    XtremeAaron Well-Known Member

    Safe mode is as follows. Hold X key while powering on.
  3. MrMan

    MrMan Member

    holding the x key brings up a screen that shows a triangle with an exclamation point in the center hovering a small phone

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