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  1. akawicce

    akawicce New Member

    Apologies in advance if I am posting a thread on a topic that has already been discussed. I did search through the Fascinate forum but the only thing I could find that was related was like over a year old and I didn't think it could still be the same problem.

    I've had my Samsung Fascinate for like two months now. I really like the phone, but it does have one weird issue.... randomly, I will find that the phone has not been connected to the network. It doesn't do anything to alert me to this fact. For example, yesterday I was teaching class from noon to six pm. I did not turn my phone off, I merely silenced the ringer. After class I was surprised to have gotten no phone calls, nor texts, but I thought, ok, whatever. I turned the ringer back on and went to call my boyfriend to tell him class was done, only to find I had no service. Who knows how long it was down. I had to reboot the phone (turned it off and back on) and then suddenly it was fine again. 17 texts came through and a voicemail I had missed.

    Last night I went to bed at midnight and put the phone on the charger for the night like always and this morning my boyfriend was at my house telling me he was ringing me and texting me for HOURS last night and nothing went through. It apparently dropped the network right after I went to bed. When it does this, it NEVER resets on its own, so it takes for me to have someone bitch at me that I didn't call them back before I realize it's down again.

    I am not tech savvy, I'm sorry, I don't understand half the lingo people use in these forums. I just want to know if I need to go beat someone up at Verizon or at Samsung.... is this a PHONE problem, a SETTING problem, a NETWORK problem, or what?

    BTW I live one block away from Verizon cell towers. So they can't blame it on reception. This has happened repeatedly within my home as well as elsewhere.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can point me towards.


  2. babs1921

    babs1921 Active Member

    I'm sorry I don't necessarily have a definitive answer for you but I can provide you with some information based on what happened to me and then whatevr it. I have a samsung captivat (same phone for at&t) and experience the same problem with not receiving incoming texts. the first time it happened I was unable to figure it out and ended up having to get a master reset on my phone thus losing all my information. less than a week later I realized that it happened again then decided to do some research on it. based on what I've read it's pretty much a 5050 split on why people think this is occurring. half said it's a glitch in this model of the phone and that you're always going to continue to have this problem occasionally no matter what and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. the other half mostly believe that it is actually a market issue or you've downloaded a faulty app that (many think it is advanced task killer) somehow disabled some sort of feature in your phone. again I say, the jury is still out on what the definitive answer to this problem is however, in my opinion I'm thinking that this is a problem with samsung phones because my situation was proof as is yours. since its recurring so frequently. so while I've inevitably provided you with no helpful info, I thought. you may be interested. in knowing. that this is a seemingly very common problem with this model and hopefully I'v provided you with some sort of base so that you can begin researching and make ur own inferences. .. if you if anyone else or you can find more info on this topic I.m open to ideas because I like my phone and would rather fix it than replace it. putting my sim card in someone else's phone and some time to catch up and "unclog" forme for not fhas been my best find for.a quick fix. when I've done this, it is all fixed when I put my.sim card back inside my own phone. . however, this solution does little to help if you are carried by vwrizon....still pretty. stumped myself...
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  3. sunflowernut

    sunflowernut Active Member

    Did you do the new update? Settings-> About phone -> system updates -> check new

    Here is the link that tells you what it entails (the second fix might help your problem it fixed mine)
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  4. Alteen88

    Alteen88 New Member

    Not sure if there is a more recent post regarding this, but I am having the EXACT same problem with my Fascinate 4G. Just bought the phone week ago, it is running on gingerbread 2.3.4 (most recent). Seems to happen to me at least once every 2 days with absolutely no warning or indication....

    Anyone else with this problem? Doesn't seem well documented on the interwebs, but it is driving me nuts.
  5. Waterguy

    Waterguy New Member

    Yes, have two of these phones for our business. Drops out of service and does not reconnect. Also missing texts. Both phones with this behavior. These phones have the latest update also. Told by Telus tech that this is a hardware problem,gave replacement order number but local store will not do. I will go up to management level to see if resolution there.
  6. hollymuss

    hollymuss New Member

    I have had my phone about a week. I use it for business and I am losing money. I LOVE the phone, other than this. IT is by far the best suited phone to me I have ever had. BUt in my business If I dont get the emails and texts right away I lose money. I am very unimpressed and not sure what to do, my last phone NEVER did anything like this.

    ps...has anyone noticed that it is a low battery thing...also my battery dies super fast, is that normal?

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