My samsung froze on the update and now wont turn onSupport

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  1. oskar

    oskar New Member

    basically i updated the firmware with kies, and it wont turn on past the start up screen that says the make of the phone.

    i took it into orange today and they said to find a solution online, so i was hoping someone would know what to do?

    if anyone knows how to reboot the phone completely that would be appreciated :)

  2. oskar

    oskar New Member

    Also if it helps, i tried updating from firmware 2.1

    ive tried taking the battery and sim and whatnot out and trying but that hasnt helped, and cos i cant get past the boot up screen i cant reset the phone at all
  3. Dilzo

    Dilzo Member

    try holding down home button, volume down button and power bottom at same time and tell me if forced key press screen comes up.
  4. barqers

    barqers Well-Known Member

    If you can't get the download screen to pop up (by holding volume down + home + power) then you definitely bricked your phone. This can't be repaired by you, so you'll need to get it serviced.
  5. Black Dahlia

    Black Dahlia New Member

    where would you take it to get serviced?
  6. barqers

    barqers Well-Known Member

    Probably your service provider, they should be able to contact the manufacturer because Samsung is a pain to get a hold of!
  7. arun1998

    arun1998 New Member

    ive got that damn screen running
    then wht should i do
    i hqave ubuntu on my pc
  8. arun1998

    arun1998 New Member

    pls reply my uncles gonna kill me for trying to install themes
  9. arun1998

    arun1998 New Member

    i dont hav any recovery apps pls help
  10. arun1998

    arun1998 New Member

    i tried installing some honeycomb theme
  11. haree

    haree Active Member

    if u can get to the download sceen by doing this
    power off the phone then by holding volume down + home + power
    this will give u the download screen if u can get this and know how to use
    odin u can try flashing any other rom and reviving ur phone
    if u cant get the donwload screen then u have briked ur phone the only other solution is to take it to service

    if dont know how to use odin and all go to below link at XDA and read
    link : [READ FIRST] Roll-up Thread about Rooting and Flashing - xda-developers

  12. amyamara

    amyamara New Member

    thank u it worked :) says downloading target do not turn off target??
  13. skivit

    skivit Well-Known Member

    then if odin has found recognized your phone you can start the flash process, dont do anything until the timer is out and the pass sign is given.
  14. amyamara

    amyamara New Member

    left my phone all nite battrey must of went dead switched it ocame up with the phone and pc ign so pressed the button that says above still saying downloading do not turn off target what else can i try?
    thank u

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