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My Samsung Galasy S3 I9300 model restarts automaticallyGeneral

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  1. newbie2013

    newbie2013 New Member

    I have a Samsang Galaxy S3 version I9300,bought it 2 months back. It was working perfectly until now when it switches it self off and restarts automatically randomly, no updates downloads,the phone is simply on the table , battery is good and suddenly I hear it restarting itself. Anyone know whats the issue here? My phone is not rooted and I prefer not to, also do not trust the Samsung repair guys and will prefer to resolve this issue myself unless I absolutely have to take it back to the service center. Anyone had similar issue? Plzzz help..

  2. Sashreek

    Sashreek Active Member

    Hi. I guess there is some app that takes up a lot of memory , so to clear the cache may be your phone is getting rebooted. So search the app which is doing so. Or another option is to go for Factory Settings. I was facing a similar issue with my old Galaxy note and I restored my phone back to factory settings and my problem was solved. You can try this out.
  3. newbie2013

    newbie2013 New Member

    Thanks, how to find which app is causing this?

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