My samsung galaxy S2 batteries suddenly drain within hours!Support

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  1. momsdear

    momsdear Member

    i have the problem of battery drain in 2 hours after i had updated it to 2.3.5 three days ago...the phone gets quiet hot even in stand-by mode...
    no background application is running. wifi is also off...
    plz give me some solution...
    i m using Samsung Galaxy SII

  2. momsdear

    momsdear Member

    i have the problem of battery drain in 2 hours after i had updated it to 2.3.5 three days ago...the phone gets quiet hot even in stand-by mode...
    no background application is running. wifi is also off...
    plz give me some solution...
    i m using Samsung Galaxy SII
  3. momsdear

    momsdear Member

    i have the problem of battery drain in 2 hours after i had updated it to 2.3.5 three days ago...the phone gets quiet hot even in stand-by mode...
    no background application is running. wifi is also off...
    plz give me some solution...
    i m using Samsung Galaxy SII
  4. momsdear

    momsdear Member

    i have the problem of battery drain in 2 hours after i had updated it to 2.3.5 three days ago...the phone gets quiet hot even in stand-by mode...
    no background application is running. wifi is also off...
    plz give me some solution...
    i m using Samsung Galaxy SII
  5. Oldschoolwax

    Oldschoolwax Well-Known Member

    Momsdear, if the phone is getting TOO hot it may need replacement. It can happen (defective phone) Have you had it long? You may need to see if they will replace ther handset for you, it may be defective.
  6. momsdear

    momsdear Member

    i was not getting hot before the update..
    i have used it a month before the update.
    is there any solution to downgrade to previous android OS versions???
  7. rjbrowne

    rjbrowne New Member

    I have a Galaxy S2, not rooted/stock running Gingerbread 2.3.6. I was having many of the issues noted by folks here and in other forum entries:

    1) Battery losing its charge at inexcusable rates. For example, going from ~90% charge to ~5% charge in two hours with the screen off and no apps running.

    2) In cases like the example above, the battery would become very hot to touch right below the camera on the back of the phone.

    3) Cell Standby "Time without a signal" at 100% even though I could call and text.

    4) The kicker, my phone sending data at random intervals to the tune of 39Mb per, so that within 7 days of my billing period I had used 220Mb of my 300Mb data plan. This was happening at times when I was asleep, the phone was asleep, and no apps running. I was shocked because I am a moderate user, checking email, web pages, and twitter every so often throughout the day, and I don't run many apps on my phone, especially when I head to bed.

    5) I was unable to determine whether or not the issue was one of wi-fi and 2.3.6 or hardware.

    Luckily I was within my 30-day Buyer's Remorse Warranty. So, I called AT&T, and was pleasantly surprised by how I was treated. They passed me along to tech support, and the woman with tech support found all of these issues ridiculous, too.

    The AT&T tech informed me that I'd have to return the phone to the original purchase point (Best Buy) and exchange it with a new S2.

    In the meantime, AT&T will waive all data transmission beyond my plan's 300Mb for this billing cycle and included a waiver of the $35 restocking fee (if Best Buy were to charge me one).

    Today, I took the phone back to the purchase point and they swapped out the phone for a new one. No problems there, no $35 restock fee.

    The new S2 is stock with 2.3.4 (great, since I don't want to root quite yet). Hopefully this will provide an answer to the wi-fi 2.3.6 battery drain question.

    My satisfaction with how AT&T handled my situation is guarded--I'll see how easy it is to rectify this billing cycle when I assuredly go over 300Mb. And I'll have to see if this machine has the same batter and data send problem as the previous one.

    I will update in a month or so (hopefully with positive news).

    If you are still within that 30-day window, I suggest jumping through the hoops and swap out for a new machine. And if you aren't rooted, it bumps you back to the 2.3.4.
  8. kokii25

    kokii25 New Member

    I am having SGs2 from two month from now , when i bought it i installed for about 90 application , i found my battery drains with crazy for just 7 hours without USAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Try this and u will find ur phone defferent :

    1-backup ur files ,contacts and all needed things .
    2-reset ur phone with USB storage Formated to its factory status .
    3- try not to install any APP untill u test it in regular Usage for a couple of dayz
    (the test will be on regular phone call Sms internet surfing some Ytubes etc.......)

    belive me it will lasts for more than 2 dayz ( tested ) after that choose only ur very needed App like Facebook ,Twitter , Or even GMAil .

    dont use any kind of TaskKiller cos android itself said about task killers that They are sucky and they are the most reason for draining battery.....

    mine lasts for about 40 hours with wifi always on and sometimes 3g networks ......

    Try and let me know ................

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  9. curry62

    curry62 Member

    I had this problem and i dont anymore all i did was clear out a couple apps that activate your internet and/or wifi(advanced task killer,ez task killer, etc). i also clear all apps before bed and turn off wifi and just leave mobile on. the built in power saver app works pretty good.

    but really look into what apps are turning themselves on in the background some will pop back up after your clear with task manager and suck that batt dry.
    also check out addon detector its a great app for getting rid of push notifications from lame apps and shows you the permission list and many other things.
  10. AnnieB47

    AnnieB47 New Member

    Wow I was getting really worried, thought this battery draining was just me. Had my S2 for a few months and had been very happy with it. I am a complete and utter novice when it comes to phones, computers or anything else. All of a sudden my battery was draining real fast even with all the easy options taken to reduce battery draining. I daren't now use it for playing games ( and these are only simple word type games), listening to music or anything. I hardly use it at all on 3G, only use it occasionally on WiFi. I only turn on WiFi when I need it. Couldn't understand why it was OK and then suddenly wasn't. As with other posts the Android OS shot up massively. Trouble is I cant understand most of what people are suggesting, all well beyond me. I know the phone was rooted to unlock it and that's about it. Guess I will just have to take it into a Samsung service centre and grovel madly. Such a shame for what should be a great phone but its no good if you cant use it for what its meant for. Are they really only sold to techy type people or are there other people like me in the world?

    Also, does anyone know whether when you have a rooted phone linked through Kies you should still get update notifications?

    If anyone can suggest anything really really simple rather than taking it into a service centre I'd be very grateful.
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  11. Belly Dancing

    Belly Dancing New Member

    My first smart phone ever. I had read a number of reviews prior to purchasing the Galaxy s2 T Mobile that stated this phone's battery lasts better than most smart phones. Fully charge to complete drain in around five hours. I turned off Wi-Fi, GPS, Blue tooth and turned screen to low. Shut down all programs running and stopped using the phone altogether. Five hours. Some one previously suggested turning the phone to Flight mode. I have not done this yet though what would be the point. Just like i haven't pulled the battery to see if i could plug it in a week later. I am only at the beginning of my search to find the solution to this. Though its quite a stunning perplexity regarding a touted phone. If anyone can direct me to a solutions based site/page/thread. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any assistance. PS: I love this phones functions while attached to an AC or DC outlet.
  12. amardeepj

    amardeepj Member

    Smartphones are notorious for battery drain issues. 90% of the time it's a rogue application running consuming CPU which is why you find your phone is hot to touch. Try out BadAss Battery Monitor in Google Play. It will tell you exactly how much power and how much data each application is utilizing every day. Usually if i notice my battery is draining quickly, I pull out the battery and reboot.
  13. igor194

    igor194 New Member

    My SGS2 started to drain the battery two days ago. Trying to find out the reason, I noticed that Samsung voice kept popping up. There seems to be no way to make it go away. I killed it once or twice, didn't help. Turning the 3G line on and off somehow affects its behaviour. In Settings/Voice Input and Output/Voice recognition I found that Google was a chosen option and I don't remember turning it on. I switched it back to Samsung powered by Vlingo and the Samsung voice is not so active anymore. The battery is still loosing power far to quickly though...

    Also, when off, the phone keeps turning itself on by itself, even when not charging...

    Maybe this latter symptom will bring me somewhere...
  14. alextop30

    alextop30 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone found a real solution to this because I think my mom's phone is doing the same thing. Unrooted Samsung Galaxy S2 on the latest gingerbread and it seems that my phone lasts for 1 day 18 hours and hers just goes in 6 hours with absolutely no use. She does not use the internet and there are no crazy downloads so I suspect it has to be something that is running on the phone. I have not noticed her phone getting warmer than usual but again that might because it has a case.
  15. igor194

    igor194 New Member

  16. d4rkne55

    d4rkne55 New Member

    Hi all

    First of all sorry if this post is in the wrong place because i'm not a T-Mobile cliente.

    I may have skipped something but it seems that all of you began having problems after "upgrading" to 2.3.5 and above.

    Well I still have the stock 2.3.3 and the same thing started happening to me.

    As I was writing this the phone died so he went from 100% to 0% in about 7h :(
    Of these 7h the real usage time was about under 1h...
  17. stablecable

    stablecable New Member

    I am having a similar problem. My battery life wasn't too bad up until about a week ago. Now the battery drains very quickly. When I am at home I use wi-fi and I turn the 4G off. My battery life is pretty good then. The problem is when I go to work I have to turn the 4G back on and turn off the wi-fi. That's when the battery starts draining rapidly. It wasn't too bad before but now it's terrible. Strange.
  18. mpopis

    mpopis Active Member

    According to t-mobiles android support there is a glitch in the software where something gets stuck to ON. So about once a week you should pull the battery wait 15 - 30 seconds and reboot. I heard doing this has other benefits as well??
    I've had the battery drain faster at times so whenever I notice it draining faster then usual I pull the battery and reboot. It resets the phone and the battery stops draining.
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  19. Wunderwerk

    Wunderwerk New Member

    On my hunt for a solution to the fast draining battery of a 1.5month old Galaxy S2 I came to this site and saw a lot of suggestions which got me thinking. So I figured that the speedy drain started around the time when I filled the music folder and also did lots of photo and video work. I am going to empty the storage media and see what happens....
  20. Prismatic23

    Prismatic23 New Member

    I've noticed that even though my battery drains down to the red zone in a matter of hours (i.e. less than 6-8 with almost no use and Android OS showing 94% of the battery usage) that once in the red zone my phone continues to operate fine for another 8 -10 hours - even though I have to dismiss the battery warning several times during this latter period.

    Could this not be a battery issue but instead a software issue on how the battery level is being read by the OS? I would assume this doesn't apply to those whose phones are "hot" because that is a certain indication of excessive power being used.
  21. Gtrzan99

    Gtrzan99 New Member

    Same issue here....After reading posts, I tried removing most of the apps I had installed, including

    LED flashlight
    Barcode Scanner
    Smart Shopper
    Out of Milk

    A few others.

    After that, rebooted and have great battery life again. This is only day 2 of clearing off apps, but so far so good.

    Worth a shot......
  22. myguess21

    myguess21 New Member

    I am having same issue. Just got the phone 8 days ago. I paid $229+tax for the phone and now they are asking another $20 to ship new battery.. help what should i Do? I do have option to return the phone, don't want to do that if i don't have to.. thanks.
  23. Bandalar

    Bandalar New Member

    I was able to solve this problem on my Galaxy S 2! Overnight my battery life dropped to maybe 3-4 hours (on idle) and it became completely unusable... I don't run any programs that drain battery life and GPS/WIFI/Bluetooth are always off, so I was really confused.

    All I did was follow a recommendation (from this thread I think) to shut off the phone and take out the battery. Then I put the battery back in after a minute. When I turned on the phone my battery life suddently dropped by 15% but then started draining at a normal rate!

    Not sure if this will work for everyone but its easy to try.
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  24. the gadget guy

    the gadget guy New Member

    finally i've found the best solution for the battery draining thingy!!
    juss follow d steps to improve battery!
    1)go to d play store and download the app called "mugen power*ROOT*" and install it(so for dis u need to hav root access)

    2)nd choose the type of battery u want eg large,medium........

    3)when u choose the batery type u want follow d instructions on d screen

    ***hope dis waz helpfull******
    i hav tried dis in large battery but have not faced any problems till nw ....
    so please try it on ur own risk im nt responsible for any problems faced in your phonez
    i hav tried it in my ROOTED HTC EXPLORER
    :thrasher: :thrasher: :thrasher: :thrasher: :thrasher: :thrasher: :thrasher:
  25. pompeypimp

    pompeypimp New Member

    Hi everyone,
    This is my first post so please be gentle.
    I have had my Galaxy S2 since June 2011 after moving over from Iphone and have absolutely loved the phone. It does everything I want and more.
    I always have everything switched on (GPS/Bluetooth/WIFI etc) and emails set to push use it moderately throughout the day for calls/texts/facebook etc and would take it off charge in the morning approx 0645 and it would start blipping for battery charging about 2200'ish.

    Updated to the new ICS on Thursday last week and since then my battery usage has gone downhill at a rapid rate of knots to the point that it has drained by mid afternoon with no use:eek:
    Even with everything turned off since the update I have noticed that the icon for upload/download is constantly flashing and my data usage is going through the roof.

    The phone gets very hot as well

    I have tried factory resets and still no better.

    Any ideas on where to go now?

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