My Samsung Galaxy Y Won't Charge?General

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  1. Shadow93

    Shadow93 New Member

    Hey, So I woke up this morning and my phone was fully charged, i use it through the day so it obviously used up the battery, I went to put it on charge tonight and it doesn't want to charge at all? i've tried 2 different Chargers as my mum has a Samsung to, i've also tried connecting it to the PC and it won't connect, I've cleaned every bit of my mobile and pulled it apart and left it for half an hour, and it still won't charge. I got it for xmas last year so it's not even a year old, I need my mobile for daily use, can anyone PLEASE help me? :confused: :(

  2. praveen 11795

    praveen 11795 Member

    try resetting ur phone!!!!!
  3. rykee

    rykee New Member

    My Samsung Galaxy Y won't Charge!! I tried my Sister's Charger and Still won't work , I tried connecting it to the CPU and Still not charging , I also tried Cleaning All of the parts but still not charging . I even Tried RESETTING my phone but still not charging :confused: Help Me pleaseee...

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