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  1. sickmice

    sickmice New Member

    I have a problem with my phone.. N dont know what has happen.. My phone connect 2 the charger but sometimes have to push abit the cable downward.. When it can be charge theres another problem where my phone is not charging but it drains the power of the battery.. Switch off or on still the problem remain the same.. I have change new ginuine battery and new charger for the phone but the problem is still the same.. Hope someone can help me is it my charger port problem or theres others faulty.. And is this problem is common happen to note gt-n7000 owners..

  2. andrews317

    andrews317 Well-Known Member

    Hello. I am having a similar issue. I just got a Note purchased on ebay and I can't charge it. I tested different chargers with no success.
  3. hotzenplotz

    hotzenplotz New Member

    - micro usb plug has to be pushed down a bit to make contact
    - charging seems to be continuous but insufficient. Charge level (as indicated on screen) suddenly drops from 90% (phone off) to 20% (phone on) within seconds.
    - battery generally drains at anormally fast rate (as compared to before).

    I believe one problem is definetly the micro usb socket. I used to play on the phone quite often in bed, with the usb cable plugged in. This could have put strain on the socket until something came loose within. As a consequence the electric contacts' conductivity are erratic and charging gets a lot of little interruptions that may be so short that the phone does not diagnose them as such. So the phone "thinks" it is fully charged, but due to the poor electric contact it actually is not.

    Switching to a high grade micro-usb cable helped a bit during some time, but now it seems to get worse again.
    I fear my only option is to have the phone send in to check if the socket can be replaced....
  4. ifb-online

    ifb-online Well-Known Member

    I have several different Micro USB powered devices and have experienced similar problems with many of them. In all but one case the problem is with the lead rather than the port. The one case in which it was the port was an Archos tablet and lots of people have experienced the same problem with this device. Try a few different leads if you can.
  5. Vipfreak

    Vipfreak Well-Known Member

  6. cazxx1

    cazxx1 Member

    try the lead mine was the same went to carphone warehouse they wanted
  7. mikkiQ

    mikkiQ New Member

    Hi I'm having problems with my n7000. I already had the micro usb port replaced. It shows it's charging but the battery percentage doesn't increase at all. Now, the battery is drained and it's not turning on anymore. It doesn't charge when it's powered off even if it's connected to the charger (wall charger or connected to computer). I'm trying to turn it on while connected to charger but it won't go through the samsung screen. Please help. thanks

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