My samsung tab GT-P6200 won't startSupport

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  1. unixbased

    unixbased New Member

    Help!! I got a samsung tab two days ago and used it a bit.After the battery became completely drained I charged it overnight and this morning it won't come on.I tried every key combo that I have heard in other forums.All other shortcuts besides : putting a finger on the screen while holding down power button and volume down and this goes into odin mode.I charge the tablet with a usb cale to my computer for 40 mins and when it goes into odin mode it only last 5 mins before the screen dims,blinks and cuts off..I am really panicing because I have tried everything and have not a clue what to do.


  2. vobguy

    vobguy Well-Known Member

    When you charged it overnight, how did you charge it?

    Odin mode I think is when you press the volume down, have you tried recovery mode which is the same but pressing volume up instead of down? I had to use recovery mode once and then it was fine.
  3. gundapola

    gundapola New Member

    I bought "Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus" 4 days ago.. then i realize, it's not charged by Computer!!! then I try to charge it with original charger.. now it is charged!

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