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Support My SCH-i800 won't turn on after firmware failure

  1. jordannet

    jordannet New Member

    before i start because its not allowed for me to post links please copy paste links to browser to see images (secured)

    hello guys , :( everyone should help me :mad:

    i need help about my galaxy tab Verizon will not power on after i tried to recover it back to original ROM , i will tell you the story first i have used heimdall 1.1 to restore back original ROM , it was success i used these files with heimdall as shown in picture with these files and it was success and my tablet boot successful as wanted :

    after that i tried to update it with samsung simple upgrade tools , i though its update for its installed other system which is US Cellular ,

    but my brother told me its will not work in USA , you should back to verizon that work with AT&T , i go back to old firmware , but i added new files that was existed in firmware folder as shown in the picture below :


    , its uploaded all but stopped trying to upload modem , and the application said "Failure" after failure and also the progress bar on the tablet stopped , i turned it off , then i tried to charge it using USB cable its blank screen and even with electric charger its not working also and still blank screen , i noticed 2 things
    1- the buttery was too low.
    2- when charging from laptop its not charging and show red cross on battery,
    i tried all options by pressing power button for 30 seconds , many times , and also i tried to use volume buttons + power many times with no luck.
    3- other thing i noticed that when i charging it with power charger i tried to listen to tablet to check if its up or not , but i heard Continues voice like "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz".

    am scare that after firmware its damaged :confused:
    what i have to do ??

    can you help me please???


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