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My SD Card is full of Nothing! Please Help!Support

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  1. kingtheproducer

    kingtheproducer Well-Known Member

    I have an 8GB sd card (i know I need to upgrade) but it happens to be almost completely full with only 1.2 GB free. :confused::confused::confused: I dont understand. I looked through all the folders but I only used about 2 GB, The rest are android folders. Do I need that stuff? Can someone tell me what are the needed folders please.

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  2. sEA

    sEA Active Member

    Do you make a lot of nandroid backups or titanium backups? That can take up a lot of space. How about apps installed on your sd card? Or old zips that you've already flashed? Pictures you've taken? Lots of things can take up space on your card.
  3. kingtheproducer

    kingtheproducer Well-Known Member

    My Titanium Backup folder is about 292 MB. I can delete alot of apps but there are also things like "com.htc.android.quicklookup-20100921-145826" and i dont know what the hell they are? It should be okay to delete those or the whole folder if i dont need them right? I only have one rom backed up on my clockworkmod and thats 625 MB. Having, Android, AUDIOFILES, baseq2, customize, MOG and all these folders are annoying but you advice was great, I'll sort through all of them. Hopefully I dont delete anything that'll brick some app or program.
  4. Barats

    Barats Well-Known Member

    I keep all my Titanium backups and nandroids backed up on my pc and when needed, move them to the SD card.

    LADYLEE Member

    how to move titanium back and others to pc from sd card to free up space on sd
  6. matovolwap

    matovolwap New Member

    I understand that there is a virus that keeps on copying files from one folder to another in the same storage, it hides them, mark them with the attribute that denies deleting. That's why the storage will always look full and nothing can be seen and nobody can remove those copied files. Don't ask me about the solution.

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