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  1. gmpwolf

    gmpwolf Well-Known Member

    It doesn't freeze or anything, but it lags a lot. I'm coming from a Transform Ultra which felt a lot smoother than this phone did.

    Is this normal?

  2. QingWu

    QingWu Well-Known Member

    It should not lag,actually it's a 1.4G CPU (Transform Ultra is 1G). Could you share more information and I'm trying to help.
  3. gmpwolf

    gmpwolf Well-Known Member

    It is slow as far as opening programs. It takes like 5 seconds to open text messages. Browser and chrome is laggy. Response time when clicking something is ridiculous.
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  4. alexjohnson

    alexjohnson New Member

    I never meet such things. seems incredible
  5. nefcpainter119

    nefcpainter119 Well-Known Member

    Guess it's gonna be like the original warp. Some of them will be perfect and others will be crap
  6. QingWu

    QingWu Well-Known Member

    That's not normal, you might need to do a factory reset.
  7. Joey Jia

    Joey Jia Member

    Getting better after reset?

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