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My SGS3 keeps deleting all songs from playlist and music lags

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  1. IvarAtli

    IvarAtli Member

    so ever since i've downloaded android 4.1. jellybeans the music has been nothing but trouble not only does it lag/stutter when i'm listening to music with screen off but my music playlist always keeps getting deleted and it's annoying as hell and it's always the same playlist that gets deleted (keep in mind it's only the music in the playlist that's getting deleted not the actual playlist) i'm using the default player.
    someone please help this is really getting on my nerves.

  2. dearman9

    dearman9 Member

    Having exactly the same problem here re play lists. So frustrating. All play list names are still there but the playlist itself is empty. Anyone have solutions for this? All my music is on a 32gb card but this shouldn't make any difference surely?
  3. DanPLC

    DanPLC Well-Known Member

    If there's one particular playlist causing the issue, have you tried deleting it and recreating it from scratch?
  4. jeff100

    jeff100 New Member

    I am having the same problem. I keep my music on my 32GB external SD memory card. The playlists will work for a short time and then I'll try to play one and all the music is deleted from the playlist. Occasionally some of the music will still be in the playlist but most of the time all the music is gone. Usually it's all the music from ALL THE PLAYLISTS too. I have to add music to the playlists again to use the playlist. I've tried deleting the playlists and recreating them entirely. I've tried just adding music back to the lists. I've tried removing the SD card and cleaning the terminals. Nothing seems to help. I did notice on one occasion that my playlists were empty after the phone fell off my nightstand. That said, this problem appears to be random, I can not find any real pattern to when this will happen. The music files always remain on the card, I've never lost a file, it is only the playlist that is affected. After Googling this issue I'm surprised to see how many other people are dealing with this. With all the people writing apps for android devices I'm surprised nobody has a solution for this problem...yet.

    Galaxy S3 model SCH-I535, Android Ver 4.1.1
  5. awriternot

    awriternot Well-Known Member

    I had this same issue with poweramp. Is there an option to turn off auto rescan? That fixed my problem.

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