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My solution to battery problem - Review of Chinese Knockoff batteriesAccessories

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  1. dbalch

    dbalch Well-Known Member

    Review of knockoff Chinese back up batteries for Samsung Galaxy

    The battery life of my stock Samsung battery for my Samsung Fascinate does not meet all of my needs. I've tried my best to follow most of the "easy" advice on the message board in terms of managing my applications and settings, but haven't had much success extending my battery life through trickeration.

    I decided to spend a little money and gave these batteries a try.

    2x 1500mah BATTERY + CHARGER FOR Samsung FASCINATE I500 - eBay (item 190472568155 end time Jan-14-11 19:44:12 PST)

    You can buy two batteries plus a plug in the wall charger for $8, including shipping. I spend $16 and bought 4 batteries and two chargers. I spent the last two weeks running a series of informal tests using different applications, pitting the Samsung authorized battery against the knockoffs.

    The result? The knockoffs are clearly inferior batteries. My estimate is that on average they are about 30% less powerful than the Samsung battery.

    Nonetheless, I'm happy with my purchase and feel the knockoffs solve my battery problem. They may not suit everyone's usage pattern, but they are perfect for my needs.

    I have two goals when it comes to battery power:

    1 - I don't want to have to worry about running out of power in the middle of the day.

    2 - I want to make full use of all the features of my phone. For me the biggest power drain is internet radio. I use this application more than any other and it drains 20% per hour on the Samsung battery and 27% per hour on the knockoffs.

    Carrying one or two knockoff batteries allows me to accomplish both of these goals. No, I can't have the radio running all day, but I only use it for 2 or 3 hours when I'm out anyway.

    Two things allow this strategy to work:

    1 - The batteries are very small. Two can easily fit in my pants pocket and not crowd things too much. If that's a problem, they easily slip into my back left pocket and are not uncomfortable to sit on.

    2 - Kudos to the Samsung engineers, who have made switching batteries a snap. The Fascinates back pops right off with the flick of a fingernail and pops right back on. I've fiddled with alot of battery cases for electronic devices over the years. This is the easiest I've ever used.

    (Also, one minor note. I left one knockoff on a shelf for one week after charging it to 100%. It lost 9% of its power. I plan to leave two of my batteries in my car. This means I only have to bring them inside to re-charge them once a month or so.)

    Now you don't have to buy Chinese batteries to implement this strategy. Verizon sells a back up stock battery with charger for $39.99, but I believe you can get it for $29.99 elsewhere.

    Oh yeah, a drawback to the knockoffs is that they don't charge inside the phone. When you connect a USB cable to the phone when the knockoff battery is in, the phone tells you that you have no battery and the battery does not charge. You have to charge them up in the external charger.

    So, there are two reasons to go with a stock backup battery instead of a knockoff.

    1 - It is 30% more powerful than the knockoff

    2 - It will charge in the phone when connected to a USB cable.

    However, the knockoffs have the advantage of being much, much cheaper. $8 for two batteries with charger vs. $29.99 for one stock battery with a charger.

    I think I made the right choice for my needs by buying four knockoffs with two chargers for $16. This has relieved a lot of stress in my life. My last business trip I found myself sitting on the floor of an airport terminal, fighting for an outlet with one of the airport custodians.

    Also, I don't have to worry about turning off my push Gmail and live wallpapers when I'm away from an outlet. In other words, I can actually use all the amazing features of the phone.

    Best off all, though, I love changing batteries because I feel like I'm getting over on Apple. Who wants to kneel down and kiss Steve Jobs feet every time your battery runs low?

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  2. Leonard1818

    Leonard1818 Well-Known Member

    Reviews like this are what make me LOVE forums. Thanks for taking the time to share your findings. I may actually look into this option as my wife and I have the same phone and normally I say she's bad about charging her phone (she is) but I've actually found myself without "juice" a few times and wishing I had plugged in earlier.

  3. davidnmegan6907

    davidnmegan6907 Well-Known Member

    My only question is how long have you had these batteries? I have heard horror stories of knockoff batteries going bad while inside the phone and destroying the phone..
  4. dbalch

    dbalch Well-Known Member

    I've had them for two weeks. I've used two of them interchangeably and charged them up daily. Everything has been perfectly normal so far.

    Remember, they are not really replacement batteries, especially since they don't recharge in the phone. They are there as a backup on days when you run your main battery down. I don't expect to be actually using them that much. I'm not away from a charger that often, but when I am my phone is vital for my business. They are an insurance policy for me.

    For people who are nervous about safety or make heavy use of two batteries daily, I would recommend the stock Samsung battery from Verizon.
  5. nklenchik

    nklenchik Well-Known Member

    Seems like any battery that doesn't have the Samsung logo on it isn't as good as the original :p
  6. nunyazz

    nunyazz Well-Known Member

    Actually the Seidio 1500 is better than the original, but not cheap.
  7. davidnmegan6907

    davidnmegan6907 Well-Known Member

    Understandable just kinda wanted to throw it out there about them not really being a daily driver. I think in your situation they should be fine.
  8. RobCr

    RobCr Member

    Thanks for your detailed review. It is invaluable.
    Could you give an update, as to any problems that may have occurred since.

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