my Tablet Does not Boot Up , ( no root or any other simialr thing)Support

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  1. khosrohamid

    khosrohamid New Member

    Hi , today i tried to turn my tablet on, but it just Stucks at loading Screen , what should i do?
    its usualy takes seconds to load up , but it has been stuck in loading screen for Hours

  2. RonJohnson4164

    RonJohnson4164 Active Member

    Hold down powerbutton for at least 30 seconds. I'm not sure but I think you might need to touch screen at same time. This is the first thing a Samsung tech is going to tell you to do as it usually solves the problem.
  3. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Loading screen, does it say Loading or does it say Downloading?

    Just try and follow the advice from the previous poster.

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