My Tablet Won't Turn On? hELp!!!

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  1. nutmegger

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    Hi there, I own an Infinix Joypad Tablet. You probably have never of it because its not a big brand tablet its just a cheap one. My problem is, as explained in the title, my tablet will not turn on. Well it will but it gets to 3rd (last) boot screen and stops. When I hold the power button to turn it on it let's you know you've been successful by displaying the company's (Infinix) full name logo. Then it shows you their symbol logo for about 3 seconds. Then it gets up to the loading screen with infinix once again showing but with 5 dots that flash blue one after the other sorta making a loading bar. That last one is what it gets stuck on. Before it started doing this it had been showing me errors saying "unfortunately has stopped working" and right before I turned it off it said "Unfortunately the launcher has stopped working". I was also trying to download Advanced Task Killer. I've tried to do the power button and volume down thing to reset my tablet but I can't scroll. It just brings up something saying
    "Fastboot [insert word I can't remember here]" then it doesn't do anything. I even attached a keyboard and tried to scroll. Nothing. Btw I can't seem to connect it to my computer because it won't register the driver? Although I've already connected it to another PC without problem. Has anyone got a solution to my issue?

  2. nutmegger

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  3. mikedt

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    Don't think there's much can be done here. What's probably happened the tablet's ROM software has become corrupted and damaged due to poor quality, which is often the way with off-brand cheapos, and that's why it's not booting properly and effectively bricked. It would have to be reloaded with the original manufacturer's ROM file. Which is more than likely not available, as the manufacturer appears to be unknown.

    Any chance of RMA, and returning it for a refund or replacement? Where did you purchase it?

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